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Ministry Trip to Mexico and Costa Rica

Part 1 of 2
Ready to leave for Mexico!The exciting month-long journey began on August 27. The family of three was headed to Mexico and Costa Rica. The Garcias, an IBLP staff family, embarked on their adventure without finalized trip details. However, as they headed to the airport, they were confident in this: that the Lord would direct their plans every step of the way.

God had given a specific purpose for this trip. This couple and their young daughter were being sent to support, encourage, and equip families, churches, and ministry leaders in the major cities of these two countries. By making disciples and loving people through serving them, they would be expanding the Kingdom of God in Mexico and Latin America.

Meeting with pastors and families in Monterrey.The first stop was Monterrey, Mexico. The presence of new contacts and discussion on new opportunities encouraged the many faithful families and individuals already there who have been blessed by the ministry over the years. There were positive meetings with pastors eager to participate in a Family Conference in the Monterrey area. It is hoped that the event may become a reality in 2016.

Panarama of Mexico City.Next, the staff family traveled to Mexico City and Pachuca where they fellowshipped and shared with the local families. From there they continued to the city of Guadalajara where the Phariss family, IBLP directors for Mexico, have been faithfully serving for many years. The Pharisses organized a breakfast for pastors, ministers, and families whose long-time support and encouragement to the IBLP ministry have been vital to God’s work in Mexico. Meeting with believers in Guadalajara was an opportunity to share the vision for Mexico and Latin America and yielded great encouragement to seeing the fulfillment of that vision.

Long-time supporters, pastors, and families came to a breakfast hosted in Guadalajara.The confirmation to host a second Family Conference February 4-6, 2016 in Guadalajara was a highlight of the journey to minister to Mexican believers. Please pray for this event. Specifically, pray for God’s direction on the messages to be given and the speakers to share them. Many are already anticipating this upcoming conference. These conferences provide teaching, encouragement, and exhortation to believers in drawing near to God and doing all for His glory. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters south of the border and for more opportunities to minister to them and for God to receive all the glory. (To be continued next week.)

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