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2015 Journey to the Heart

February 25, 2015

Journey to the Heart is a ten-day opportunity to leave the distractions of everyday life and to meet with God in a way you may never have before.

Spending intimate time with Jesus can be a challenge in our busy, hi-tech lives. Daily we are beset with temptations and distractions from the world around us, our own appetites and ambitions, and devilish forces of evil in the spiritual realm. Sometimes our Bible reading can simply become a duty or chore and rather than experiencing a loving personal relationship with Jesus, we are doing things only to check them off our list. Consequently, as we strive to live according to rules and commands, we can become disheartened and discouraged. We might wonder if a joyful Christian life even exists.

But it does! Journey to the Heart offers an opportunity to experience the reality of a God Who has given us promises such as: “…we are more than conquerors through him that loved us”; “And the peace of God . . . shall keep your hearts and minds…”; “In thy presence is fulness of joy….”  You may hear nothing new on the Journey; however, the goal is that you will learn truth in a new way that makes God’s Word come alive for you and He becomes more real to you than ever before as described in the following testimonies.

 “For the first time in my Christian life, seeking God here at Journey and hearing amazing teaching, God has shown me the lies I have believed…. My walk with Christ is not based around what I do for Him, or how happy I can make Him…. His love has changed my thinking, my whole belief system. This simple truth has set my heart free, and it is beautiful.” —2014 young ladies’ Journey participant

 “On the Journey to the Heart God showed me how amazing He is, and how much He loves me. …God broke me of my pride and gave me grace to confess my secret sin to my parents… God showed me the victory… I have in Christ…. One of the things was getting to know how to have a good relationship with God, and really know that He is…my best friend.” —2014 young men’s Journey attendee


 “…Journey was nothing like I had ever done before. …I would say that my relationship with Jesus was getting pretty low. I mean I always wanted to do what was right, but I was at that stage where I had the mindset of I have to try harder. It soon became evident that I wasn’t trusting God in everything, and that was preventing me from experiencing so much of God’s goodness. Journey changed that though and made me realize that God can live this life for me, He can love those who are hard to love, He can forgive those who in my own strength would be totally impossible….” —2014 young ladies’ Journey participant

Come join others who have been impacted by the freeing truths of God’s Word! 2015 Journey to the Heart dates are posted and registration is now open. There are special discounted rates for alumni and groups. Besides the Northwoods, two other locations are tentatively on the schedule in 2015 – in Oregon and in Oklahoma (Eagle Springs).

Young Men’s Journeys

Northwoods, June 6–16, 2015
Northwoods, August 8–16, 2015
Oregon, August 27–September 4, 2015
Eagle Springs, September 26–October 5, 2015

Young Ladies’ Journeys

Northwoods, July 11–21, 2015
Oregon, August 27–September 4, 2015
Northwoods, September 5–15, 2015
Eagle Springs, November 7–16, 2015

Fathers’/Men’s Journey

Northwoods, August 8–16, 2015

Mothers’/Women’s Journey

Northwoods, September 19-27, 2015

More information and registration »

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