2018 Journey to the Heart Dates!

November 28, 2017

The 2018 Journeys have been scheduled! Some new Journey opportunities will be offered along with the usual life-changing Guys and Young Ladies Journeys.

One of the new offerings from Journey will be a Family Journey to the Heart. Families will have the opportunity to attend a Journey together instead of attending individually. As a family they will be able to seek the Lord while also encouraging one another in their personal walks with Him. By being on a Journey together, parents and children will hear the same truths during the same period of time, resulting in sharing and discussion. Family members will also benefit from the opportunity to continue their discussions and spiritual growth upon their return home. 

Another new opportunity is the Church Journey. With a Church Journey, the Journey staff brings the event to you. This new option significantly reduces the cost for each participant and allows a church congregation to experience the life-transforming Journey together. By encouraging each believer to seek the Lord and meditate on His Word, the church will be built up and strengthened as part of the Body of Christ.

For those singles desiring that extended set-aside time to focus on sitting at Jesus’ feet, away from the distractions and cares of the world, Journey currently has scheduled 3 opportunities to meet that desire! Young ladies can choose to sign up for a spring Journey in Texas or a summer Journey at the Northwoods. A Guys Journey is scheduled to be held at the Northwoods in June. (See dates below.)

Is a Journey in your 2018 plans? For more information about Family, Church, or Guys or Young Ladies Journeys, please visit lifesrealjourney.com. Now is the time to deepen your walk with Him!

2018 Journey Dates:

March 17–25: Young Ladies Journey—Big Sandy, Texas

May 5–12: Family Journey—Skiatook, Oklahoma (Eagle Springs Training Center)

June 16–24: Guys Journey—Northwoods

July 14–22: Young Ladies Journey—Northwoods 

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