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Board of Directors

A Board of Directors was appointed in 1961 when the Institute was incorporated. The first chairman was Dr. G. A. Hemwall, a physician in Oak Park, Illinois, who served on the Board for 37 years until his homegoing in November of 1998.

The diversity of backgrounds and strengths, combined with a shared passion for God and commitment to Him, make this group a dynamic team. They are able to provide accountability and wise counsel for the direction of the IBLP ministry.

Board of Directors

Pastor David York

David York first attended a Basic Seminar in Chicago in 1969. This gave him a foundation for further training, which he received at the University of Michigan and at Dallas Theological Seminary and Trinity Divinity School. In 1984 his family was one of the original 102 families of the Advanced Training Institute. At that time, he was associate pastor of a church in Wisconsin. 

He is married to his high school sweetheart, Brenda, and they have eight children and fourteen grandchildren. Their last four children are reversal babies. Pastor York has been faithfully serving his church (now as the lead pastor) since 1992. The success in the marriages of his older children and his success in ministry bring to the Board an important aspect of counsel and guidance. 

Gil Bates

International recognition has recently been given to Gil and Kelly Bates for their success in a family with 19 children. The special TV program titled “The United Bates of America” demonstrated the principles that they have learned from applying Biblical truth to their lives, marriage, and family. They are close friends with the Jim Bob Duggar family, and when they get together there are 38 outstanding sons and daughters among their two families!

Not only does Gil bring to the Board a wealth of practical wisdom on marriage and training up sons and daughters, but he also has a marvelous testimony about combining prayer, initiative, diligence, creativity, and patience in providing for his family. This has included a large home, a tree-trimming business with special equipment, and family transportation—all without a steady income and no debt! Gil and Kelly have taught their children how to be each other’s best friends, love family responsibilities, and maintain a grateful spirit. Over the years, they have taken their financial needs to the Lord and watched God provide opportunities for work. This has taught their children to have great faith in the Lord.

Tim Levendusky

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Tim Levendusky learned about Christ as a graduate student at Slippery Rock University. There in his dorm room he gave his life to the Lord. Tim continued his studies at the University of Toledo, where his spiritual growth also continued through friendships with Christians who were serious about applying God’s Word to their lives. They introduced Tim to the IBLP ministry during that time, and in 1985, he traveled from Toledo to Detroit to attend his first Basic Seminar.

Later, as a Physical Education professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tim began volunteering at the local Dallas IBLP office. During this time he sensed the Lord leading him to devote his time to strengthening families through the Word of God. Since that time, Tim has served in IBLP offices in Texas and New Jersey, as well as Training Centers in Dallas and Oklahoma City. He has also spent time assisting the IBLP work in the countries of Australia, Mongolia, Romania, Taiwan, and most recently, South Korea.

Tim’s stated life purpose is “to build the Word of God into my life, and into the lives of others around me, so that we can be salt and light to a needy world.” Tim and his wife Angie have one son, Josiah, and they currently reside at the IBLP Headquarters where Tim is serving as President.