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Financial Information

Photo of the IBLP Headquarters in the snow

Trusting the Lord With Our Finances

The original owner of the property where IBLP is headquartered was skeptical about the reality and power of God, until an unsolicited letter was sent to IBLP by one who had no idea of the Institute’s need for funds to purchase the property.

This letter contained a gift for the exact amount of the purchase price.

Hundreds of similar examples have occurred since the Institute ministry began.

The Institute in Basic Life Principles operates on the following financial guidelines:

  1. Trust God to provide operating funds rather than soliciting contributions.
  2. Do not borrow money or start projects without sufficient funds in hand.
  3. Return gifts that donors have indicated is tithe money, encouraging him or her instead to tithe to the local church.

Financial Profile Overview

  • Incorporated in 1961
  • Not-for-profit organization
  • Funds received from:
    • Seminar tuition fees
    • Publications sales
    • Unsolicited gifts
  • Audited annually by the public accounting firm UHY LLP