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Educational Programs

Advanced Training Institute International

A Family Using the ATI Curriculum

Founded in 1984, the Advanced Training Institute International (ATI) is an individualized, home education program that is Biblically based and parent-supervised. The core curriculum is the Wisdom Booklets, a 3,000-page amplification of the Sermon on the Mount. Wisdom Booklets are interdisciplinary and age-integrated, enabling the family to learn together, focus on developing Godly character, and study academic subjects through the grid of Scripture.

ATI also offers many apprenticeship opportunities designed to train older students in skills and provide them with opportunities to use their skills in both ministry and professional capacities. More at >>

The Telos Institute International

Student Studying

A postsecondary, distance-learning school, The Telos Institute International enables students to conveniently complete course work at home and interact with mentors via e-mail. Students may earn an associate degree or a bachelor of arts degree in character development and an associate of arts degree in child and youth character development. Preliminary studies in mechanical engineering and Biblical perspectives in health care are also available. More at >>

The Verity Program


The Verity Program helps young people earn an accredited bachelor of arts or science degree in 21 months or less from one of several accredited institutions. The Verity program does not grant degrees or academic credit towards a degree, but it provides accountability and a structured study environment for mature and highly motivated students who desire to earn credit through independent study, testing, portfolios, and distance-learning courses.

While going through the Verity program, students will be challenged and encouraged with Biblical instruction, ministry training, and character development in preparation for their life purpose, as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. More at >>