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International Ministries

Sveta and Masha (picture)

Sveta and Masha were among the first of our orphans to come to the Moscow Training Center. Arriving apprehensive and tearful, they quickly responded to the genuine love of Christ that was shown to them.

Amazing doors of opportunity to minister in other countries have been opened to IBLP through the bright countenances of young people who are committed to God in every area of life and radiate His love to others. In every country where we serve, national leaders have been captured by their Godly character and purpose in life and desire these qualities to be characteristic of their own nations.

As the IBLP Ministry becomes part of a nation’s society and as we seek to honor those in authority and help them achieve their goals, God is glorified and many are drawn to Him.

If you would like more information about any of these ministries, please contact the IBLP International Ministries Department at 630-323-9800, ext. 208 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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Seminar in Austrailia

In 1993, IBLP began a ministry in Australia, which now traverses most of the country. We serve the nation from our Yarra Training Center through life-changing seminars, character-building opportunities, and the ATI home-education program. The potential of ministry to troubled youth and their families in Australia continues to grow.



The eagerness and excitement with which those in Mexico embrace God’s truths presented at Basic, Advanced, and Financial Freedom Seminars has continued for more than a decade. A dedicated local staff oversees the seminars and has expanded the work by serving government leaders, ministering to orphans and prisoners, and supporting the ATI program in Mexico.


Children in Mongolia

At the encouragement of Mongolian leaders, IBLP established a base of operations in Ulaanbaatar, in 2000, to serve the Mongolian people through teaching English and character, evangelism and discipleship, by reaching out to orphans and abused children, and providing training in practical skills.

New Zealand

Working With Troubled Youth

New Zealand was the first country outside the U.S. to begin hosting Basic Seminars in 1990. Ten years later, the Ministry of Education requested help with a rapidly growing problem—youth who have been suspended from school and lack direction in life. The Arahina Training Center exists to encourage and mentor alienated youth through a program called Buildcom.


Students in the Philippines

In 1999, the city leaders in the Manila metro area had a growing interest in character development and invited IBLP to work with them to achieve this goal. The following year, the first two Basic Seminars were hosted in the city of Manila. Since that time, the seminar ministry has continued and God has given exciting opportunities to disciple orphans and instruct pastors in Biblical principles.


A Romanian child

In 1998, we began teaching character and Biblical principles in the public schools and orphanages of Romania under the direction of the Ministry of National Education. This ministry has now expanded to include seminars for police; working with Parliament, prisons, mayors, and local governments in Bucharest and other cities; serving in churches and summer youth camps; and hosting Basic Seminars throughout the country.


Annual Banquet for Retired Teachers

God has also given us the privilege of discipling believers and churches all around the country by training over 330 Russian pastors and lay leaders in the foundational Biblical principles of the Basic Seminar.

Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia


Through the prayers and hard work of seminar alumni from Southeast Asia, the first Basic Seminar in Singapore was conducted in 1993. Today, seminars are also held in Malaysia and Indonesia with ATI students teaching at Children’s Institutes and providing character training in all three countries. The example of these dedicated students inspired many Asian families to want to home educate their own children through the ATI program.


Teaching in Taiwan

An IBLP Seminar Office was established in Taipei in 1995 to support the numerous seminars and Children’s Institutes that are held in major cities. In 2001, we were invited by the Ministry of Education to teach English in public schools and summer camps. This unique ministry continues on to date.