Amid Uncertain Times, God’s Work Continues in Russia and Ukraine

January 26, 2015


Ukraine has experienced a turbulent year, and many are fearful of what the future might bring. Despite the tension between Ukraine and Russia, the seminar ministry continues to be strong in both nations and is providing participants with insights into the ways of God.

Several seminars scheduled to be taught by those who attended the Leadership Training Courses in the area have been canceled because of the fighting in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Others were held in close proximity to the frontlines. We are thankful to God for those who are willing to carry on that work and for God’s protection in the midst of the warfare.

Ten Leadership Training Seminars were held in Russia and Ukraine during the fall of 2014. The Basic, Marriage, and Financial Freedom Seminars were also presented throughout the two countries. During the summer last year, two camps and a youth retreat were held in Russia, and a youth camp was organized in Ukraine. 

Four more Leadership Training Seminars are scheduled for January and February 2015. Many believers in Russia and Ukraine are finding peace in the wake of war and hope in the midst of darkness. God is using these seminars to help these believers understand Biblical principles and how to apply them to their lives. Please remember in prayer our brothers and sisters in Russia and Ukraine.

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