Are You Ready to Get Real?

March 16, 2017

Are you ready to get real? Who are you—really? What’s holding you back from becoming the man God created you to be?

Basic Training is the first of three life-changing phases that ALERT offers to young men to prepare them for the responsibilities and challenges that come with Godly manhood. In nine intensive weeks of “boot camp,” you will confront the unhealthy self-focus you were born with and be challenged to maintain a lifestyle of service to others in Christ’s Name.

Basic Training focuses on developing dependence on God, personal discipline, attention to details, endurance, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, time management, and healthy spiritual disciplines such as daily Scripture reading and memorization. Training highlights include wilderness survival, rope systems, land navigation, response drills, and multi-day hiking.

The depth and scope of Basic training has been proven to deepen a man’s walk with the Lord, facilitate growth in his maturity, and develop in him the confidence to face significant life challenges. The concepts taught in this phase are foundational to the skills that will be introduced during Phase 2 of ALERT training.

ALERT Basic Training’s structure is similar to a military boot camp, and it’s designed to stretch and challenge you beyond your perceived limits.

Testimonies from Graduates:

“I wouldn’t trade the training I received at ALERT, both academically and spiritually, for any other training program or college!”—E.T.

“The instructors’ expertise, passion, and walk with Lord significantly inspired and shaped the kind of man I chose to be.”—S.W.

“I have learned to focus less on myself and more on others, and my motives for what I do have changed as a result.”—B.C. 

“The training enabled me to be a leader and a light for Christ in my workplace, my home, and church.”—N.H.

Eligibility for ALERT Basic Training:

Single, young man at least 17 years of age (must turn 17 on or before the Basic Training start date),

Completion of high school graduation requirements or GED, and

Demonstration of being medically and physically qualified.

Next Basic Training date:

The next ALERT Basic Training Unit 57 begins on March 24. It is not too late to apply for Unit 57. If you are a young man waiting for the next step in your walk with the Lord and are ready for a challenge, visit and apply for Basic Training Unit 57 today or call 903-636-2000. Are you ready to get real?

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