Fear Not — Part 4

Fear Not — Part 4

From Daniel who continued to pray openly to David who ran toward Goliath, Scripture gives many examples of those who lived boldly and confidently in the midst of fearful circumstances! The strength that these men demonstrated in the face of fear was because they kept...
Daniel: A Testimony of Truth in Babylon

Daniel: A Testimony of Truth in Babylon

A young Babylonian general and royal prince named Nebuchadnezzar had recently defeated the Egyptian forces at the Battle of Carchemish on the Euphrates River. Following this brilliant victory in 605 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar marched his victorious army through the various...
“What Is Truth?”

“What Is Truth?”

The truth is not merely what we speak; it is also what we live. Those around us are able to see our hypocrisy very clearly when the way we live does not match the way we speak. The words testimony and witness both come from the same word in the...
Fear Not — Part 3

Fear Not — Part 3

In this encouraging episode, Nate and Gabe expound on several Scriptures that address fear. This episode paints a beautiful picture of how treasuring the Word of God in our hearts is directly connected with learning to live in the fear of God. His words hidden in our...
The Danger of Deception in the Heart

The Danger of Deception in the Heart

The prophets of Israel played an important role in exposing the deceptions of their day and pointing God’s people to the truth. Today, we still need faithful men who are willing to counter the evil that comes from falsehood in all areas of life. “Lying lips are an...
Fear Not — Part 2

Fear Not — Part 2

Have you ever been confused by the fact that we are commanded to “fear not” while also being commanded to “fear God”? In this episode, Nate and Gabe give beautiful descriptions of what it means to fear God while maintaining a proper view of Who He is — a God Who loves...
Five Years of Free Monthly Messages!

Five Years of Free Monthly Messages!

This month marks five years since we first began releasing a free Message of the Month selection! We praise God for the encouragement and blessing He has brought into so many of our lives through these powerful speakers and their messages. To celebrate this milestone,...
Caleb: “We Are Well Able to Overcome”

Caleb: “We Are Well Able to Overcome”

We often relegate pessimism and optimism to the realm of personality, attitude, and feelings. There is a kind of optimism that is a result of unrealistic expectations. This optimism often disappoints. But genuine optimism is not based merely on feelings but rather on...

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