Board of Directors Comments on Lawsuit Filed by David Gibbs III

November 13, 2015

*** Update: On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, a circuit judge of DuPage County, Illinois dismissed this lawsuit. ***

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In late October, we received notice that a legal complaint had been filed against the Institute in Basic Life Principles and its individual Board members. The persons bringing the lawsuit are five women who were former staff or volunteers with IBLP, and the attorney representing them is David Gibbs, III.*

This complaint is based upon alleged behavior of Mr. Bill Gothard some 15-20 or more years ago. However, Mr. Gibbs elected not to sue Mr. Gothard, but instead chose to sue IBLP and its current Board members, all of whom joined the Board less than 4 years ago. 

Attorney Gibbs has used the media to propagate false and misleading statements against the current IBLP Board. We want you to know that the Board has not been involved in any “cover-up” or “conspiracy” and we welcome the opportunity to refute the many false allegations against us.  

With respect to the allegation that the current Board members are relocating IBLP operations to Texas in order to “flee the jurisdiction” of Illinois, this is simply not true. We have openly shared that our reasons for moving are to consolidate our operations to fewer locations in an effort to reduce expenses. We believe that ministry funds are best directed toward ministry efforts and serving others, and not toward the maintenance of facilities and properties that are no longer useful for current needs. 

The case is now in a court of law, leaving a judge and perhaps a jury to examine the propriety of the conduct of all involved.  The current Board members take their duties and responsibilities seriously and trust that this process will reveal the truth.  

The Board has prayerfully walked through the circumstances of the past two years. We want you to know that we will continue to walk this through day by day, seeking the Lord for guidance and wisdom.

We as a Board, along with the staff, remain committed to taking this ministry forward in a Christ-honoring direction by strengthening individuals, families, and churches in God’s Word. Please pray with us to that end.

Sincerely in Christ,
Board of Directors
Institute in Basic Life Principles, Inc.
November 13, 2015

* Not to be confused with his father David Gibbs, Jr.

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