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Calendar of Events


Family Conferences
Datessort descending Location Phone
Big Sandy April Family Conference    Apr 26Apr 30, 2021 Big Sandy, Texas 903-636-2000
Northwoods June Family Conference   (cp) Jun 14Jun 18, 2021 Watersmeet, MI
Big Sandy August Family Conference   (cp) Aug 2Aug 6, 2021 Big Sandy, Texas
Northwoods September Family Conference   (cp) Sep 20Sep 24, 2021 Watersmeet, MI
Journey to the Heart
Datessort descending Location Phone
Young Ladies' Journey    May 29Jun 6, 2021 Watersmeet, MI
Young Men's Journey    Jul 10Jul 18, 2021 Big Sandy, Texas
Young Ladies' Journey    Aug 14Aug 22, 2021 Big Sandy, Texas
Young Men's Journey    Sep 4Sep 12, 2021 Watersmeet, MI
Rise Up!
Datessort descending Location Phone
Rise Up!    Jun 28Sep 20, 2021
Rise Up!    Jul 26Oct 18, 2021
Rise Up!    Aug 30Nov 22, 2021
Rise Up!    Sep 27Dec 20, 2021
Family Camp
Datessort descending Location Phone
Family Camp 2021   (cp) Oct 9Oct 15, 2021 Big Sandy, TX 903-636-2000