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Illustrated in Scripture, Illustrated in Life

This Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum is designed to show how character is the result of God's work in our lives and show how we see the fruit of the Spirit in everyday life. Each lesson reveals God honoring faith and obedience to His Word, and helps parents & teachers disciple children in the character of God. Each lesson offers examples of people from the Bible whose walk with God resulted in Christlike character or whose lack of faith produced poor character. The curriculum brings family time around God’s Word to life in fun and memorable ways as families seek the Lord together.

Since the team began writing this curriculum over four years ago, our goal was to give parents and teachers an easy-to-use, Bible-based character resource to know God and grow spiritually as a family or group. We wanted to help parents and teachers to hear their children’s hearts and to direct them to walk in God’s ways as they themselves model Christ’s character. We show how character is the result of God's work in our lives as well as how the fruit of the Spirit manifests in everyday life. Each Bible lesson reveals how God honors faith and obedience to His Word.

What Families Around the World are Saying

As a team, we saw firsthand how each booklet was a work of God and relevant to our lives. We have been delighted to see this curriculum reach families, churches, and schools, and even begin to have an impact around the world!

“I love to look through your booklets to tutor myself and my children with God's Word and put it into practice in different areas of our lives!”

—Family from South Korea

“It was so easy to pull the curriculum off the shelf and use with my Sunday School class with very little prep time. The kids loved it! I'm going to use this curriculum again!”

—Kendalyn, Sunday School teacher from Texas

“[This] curriculum . . . puts you on an awesome path and the Holy Spirit leads you on rich ‘rabbit trails’ that can’t be planned.”

—Tammy, Homeschool Mom