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Program Overview

With today’s instant access to moral corruption and the resulting collapse of marriages and families, there is a desperate need for individuals, especially fathers, to return to the activity by which God guarantees true success—meditating on Scripture and applying it to our lives. With this goal in mind, Daily Success was developed.

What Is Scripture Meditation?

Meditation is first and foremost a living, growing relationship with our heavenly Father through the transforming power of His Word.

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What Are the Commands of Christ?

The Daily Success program focuses on the verses that contain 49 general commands of Christ because they express the whole message of Scripture.


How Do You Define Success?

When we hear the word success, we usually think of money, fame, or power. Yet, many of the most successful men and women in history had none of these things.

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How the Daily Success Program Works

Daily Success is a program designed to help individuals develop and maintain the spiritual discipline of Scripture meditation.

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Program Objectives

The Bible is the “instruction manual” for life given to us by our Creator. Because of this, it is only natural that success would come by following His commands given in the Scriptures.

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About the Study Questions

Meditation on the Commands of Christ is most effective when we understand the essential meaning of each command. By asking questions, we can go beneath the surface and discover the powerful truths and applications that God intended for each one.

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About the Character Qualities

When Jesus told his disciples to seek first His kingdom, He added, “and His righteousness.” His righteousness is revealed through the character of the Lord Jesus Christ. As we meditate on Christ’s commands, He will use them to develop His character in us.

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