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About Jim Sammons

Jim Sammons

As a young man, Jim had one goal in life—to become a millionaire by the age of 30. At age 29, he was on the verge of bankruptcy, with emotional pressures so overwhelming that he could not eat, sleep, or work.

It was through this experience that he learned how to apply timeless and universal principles found in the Bible to his life, family, and business. In this seminar, Jim transparently shares the insights he learned through his tragedies and triumphs. Today, as a result of applying these lessons to his own life, Jim is one of the most successful and trusted real estate developers in the Dallas—Fort Worth area.

What Makes the Difference?

What has surprised audiences around the world is that the 20 financial principles shared often oppose our natural inclinations and some commonly accepted financial practices.

In this 16-hour video seminar, Jim Sammons explains the accuracy and wisdom of God’s instructions regarding finances. You will learn how to get out of debt, how to deal with compromises, and how to make wise investments. You will learn how to build the spirit of your marriage, how to teach principles to your children, how to work with other people, and how to develop many other skills that will help you become a successful person, marriage partner, parent, and financial steward.