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How a Businessman Received Forgiveness From the IRS

A 55-year-old Christian businessman got involved in a partnership and was facing an IRS investigation, with expected fines of up to $40,000. His partners had been dishonest with him, and it looked as though he might lose his home. After completing the Financial Freedom Seminar, he totally surrendered himself to God, realizing his violations of Scriptural principles. Within a week, he received a letter from the IRS stating that the charges had been dropped.

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How a Financial Disaster Was Resolved and a Marriage Was Rescued

“A young couple who had just begun coming to our church started attending the Financial Freedom Seminar. He was a busy man and had a fairly good job. His wife handled the family finances. However, all of a sudden, she told him that they were in a financial crisis. She had been using credit cards to pay credit cards and had used up all their savings to pay current bills. They had no savings to turn to when more bills would come in. This situation caused much friction in their marriage.

“After they attended the Financial Freedom Seminar, they determined to not go any further into debt and to start tithing. God blessed them and enabled them to get out of debt. Their marriage was also stabilized, and they developed a hunger to know God and His ways better and to bring up their children in His ways.”

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How Military Families Were Transformed Through Biblical Principles

“Recently, we completed showing the Financial Freedom Seminar at the nearby Air Force Base with an outstanding reception! Because of the response, we have scheduled another showing. The excitement grows each time the seminar is presented, and a waiting list quickly develops for the next scheduled seminar. My problem is accommodating the number of people who wish to attend! The following accounts describe some of the exciting results.

“One young couple had borrowed money to purchase a house for rental income. When they realized the violation of God’s principles in presuming upon the future, they put the house up for sale and sold it the first day. The seminar has completely turned their thinking around, and they are now looking at things from God’s viewpoint.

“A working mother, after 15 years of marriage and two children, was in the process of getting a divorce. After completing the seminar, she realized that she had not met the needs of her husband by building the potential of their home. She is currently, with God’s help, rebuilding her broken marriage.

“A married couple wrote the following letter to their church board: ‘Having been corrected through Scripture that loaning at interest to Christian brothers or to our church is not God’s plan, we are giving the church $1,000—the amount of our original loan—to the building fund, to be paid on the principal. We urge you to make every attempt to clear the church’s indebtedness and begin saving funds for building debt-free in the future.’ ”

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