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Over 2.7 million people around the world have been blessed by the biblical principles shared in the Basic, Advanced, and Anger Resolution Seminars. The insights presented in these seminars reveal root causes to surface issues that plague our churches, culture, and families today.  Understanding these basic principles and their applications in everyday life helps lay the foundation for overcoming deep-seated hurts, breaking financial bondages, resolving relational conflicts, and gaining wisdom in all of life’s experiences.


Whether you’re interested in watching the seminars for the first time, sharing the timeless truths with family and friends, or simply listening and reviewing the materials again for yourself, flexible rental options are available to fit your needs and schedule:

  • $20/month for 1-5 months
  • $15/month for 6-12 months
  • $10/month for 13+ months

To rent a seminar DVD set, please select a rental rate that best fits your intended schedule and contact our office at [email protected] or 903-636-9600 with your order details. You can also purchase Workbooks and Textbooks with your order.

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If you have any further questions about renting a seminar or purchasing additional materials, please contact our office.