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Discover ALERT Cadet: A Journey of Father-Son Bonding and Growth

A “toolbox” of Biblical resources to assist fathers in turning their hearts to their sons

August 2, 2023

Are you a father seeking to strengthen the bond with your sons while instilling Christlike values in their hearts? ALERT Cadet is your ultimate “toolbox” of Biblical resources designed to empower fathers like you in raising godly young men, ready to overcome the challenges of life. With active, local father-son units across the United States, ALERT Cadet connects you with families who share a common vision: cultivating integrity and leadership in their sons. Let’s take a look at what this incredible program is all about through some inspiring testimonies!

Unforgettable Adventures: Forging Stronger Bonds

Captain Darrell Lowman, an ALERT Cadet father, shares how ALERT Cadet has been an exceptional tool in creating lasting relationships with his sons: 

ALERT Cadet has been a wonderful tool for my eight sons and me to forge relationships with one another. My wife and I have watched them grow in the program by attending Father and Son Camps with other families for fellowship and service projects, as well as by participating in other service projects that range from yard work and home projects to cutting wood. Our sons have marched in parades with the precision needed for a Color Guard and willingly serve at home and church, in our community, and to the elderly. Some of our sons have logged over 1,000 hours of service to others! We have traveled all over the country to attend Leadership Training Corps camps where my sons have been challenged in leadership skills, emergency response training, and survival training. They have superior training that will last a lifetime as they grow into men.

It has been an amazing thing to have my sons be encouraged by other dads and their sons. My sons have honed their faith and have become young men ready to serve and lead where needed. They do not hesitate to step-up when an opportunity presents itself. Most importantly, they have had their hearts turned toward Jesus and have built their own faith. Some of my sons are now in leadership positions and help lead camps and train younger sons. These sons of mine look out for one another and know I have their back. I am proud of who they have become and am thankful for the opportunity that ALERT Cadet has given us!

A Mother’s Perspective: Embracing Faith and Leadership

Captain Lowman’s wife, Louisa Lowman, agrees on the value of the Cadet program. In her testimonial, she highlights the positive impact of ALERT Cadet on their family:

ALERT Cadet has been an important part of our family for many years! It has been wonderful to see our eight sons and my husband grow together and be challenged.  Whether it is learning new ways to make their uniform crisper, serving in our church or community, marching in a parade or attending one of the amazing leadership or father son camps, I see growth in each of them. Their base knowledge which has been acquired in survival, first aid or leadership has helped them have confidence in their work, school and community to be world changers.  

Our sons have grabbed hold of their own faith as they have been challenged to strive for goals that have been set before them. It has been an exciting journey to watch them grow in this program! Their relationships with each other and other dads and sons have been priceless!  

Faith, adventures, leadership skills and challenges have developed our sons into Men of God! I will be forever thankful for their time spent in [ALERT] Cadet!

Join the Adventure: Become a Part of ALERT Cadet

If you’re a Christian father seeking a deeper connection with your sons and a journey of growth together, ALERT Cadet welcomes you. This nationwide discipleship program offers a range of activities that will enrich your lives:

  • Work through booklets that teach foundational skills
  • Complete projects together to build Godly character
  • Participate in local unit meetings where iron sharpens iron
  • Advance through ranks as goals are achieved
  • Go on exciting adventures with other fathers and sons

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to create memories with your sons and equip them with essential life skills. Visit to learn more about joining the ALERT Cadet community and discover upcoming events that will transform your father-son journey for the better. Be part of a program that nurtures Godly young men who will become “Strong to Overcome”!

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