East Coast Families Gather for Encouragement

September 13, 2022

Early in September, two Family Connections took place on the East Coast. The first was a one-day event in Virginia, and the second was a weekend event in Pennsylvania. 

At both meetings, families shared that they were encouraged and strengthened from the time together. Many in attendance were families who had been involved with IBLP years ago. They appreciated reconnecting and meeting other families at the event. Also at the two Family Connections were newcomers. One mother at the event weekend summed up well what many participants experienced:

I was very encouraged by the sessions. . . . I couldn’t even begin to pick a favorite. And it was so special to meet other families (from not that far away!) who are passionate about pursuing God.

One session shared at each Family Connection was “Freedom from Bitterness.” Following this session, adults and young people had the opportunity to pray and forgive offenders, releasing their bitterness. Each time, God worked in the group and many have realized freedom from bitterness through forgiveness. One family discussed among themselves the little roots of bitterness that had sprung up. They were able to forgive their offenders, release their hurts, and experience joy in reconciliation!

Another impactful session was “The Most Important Word in the Bible on Prayer.” The message challenged individuals to pray with importunity. After hearing this session, the Family Connections groups went into a time of prayer, putting into practice things they had just learned. Everyone was encouraged by this time of seeking the Lord together.

One more Family Connection is scheduled for this year in Clermont, Florida (near Orlando) on October 21 and 22. Please visit our website for more information.

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