Family Conference Held in Mexico!

March 25, 2015

From all across Mexico, families and pastors met near Guadalajara to attend the 2015 Mexico Family Conference, February 26-28. The Lord used a variety of speakers to refresh and motivate the nearly 400 attendees with the conference theme “Looking unto Jesus.” One commented that it was “a real conference with real answers,” while several Saturday-only attendees lamented that they wished they had canceled everything so they could have been there each day.


One particular highlight of the conference for women was the impromptu question-and-answer panel session on child training. Mothers, both Mexican and American, shared experiences and advice from their hearts, giving hope to the listeners. Several ladies shed tears as they hugged panel members and expressed their gratefulness for the information and encouragement given in that session.

Ninety children, including at least three dozen local orphans, attended the Children’s Institute. The children’s presentation at the end of the conference was a delight for all to see Christ proclaimed in word and song. Parents and orphanage workers alike were encouraged to see the children’s potential to demonstrate the character of Christ.

Audio recordings were translated and made available for attendees to share with others. Those coming to the book tables were blessed not only by the Spanish resources available, but also by the counsel and meaningful conversations following the sessions. Many were encouraged by the Lord’s presence, the conference speakers, the CI leaders, and the peace-filled fellowship that made it a memorable time for everyone.

“Thank you for organizing the Family Conference. It was very enjoyable and an especially (spiritually) nutritious event. The expositors were all excellent. The organization was well done and the lectures for children and activities were great. Thank you, thank you very much. I sincerely hope that this ministry continues to stand firm. May the Lord Jesus flow over you all in everything you do. Many thanks and may God bless you.” — A mother from Monterrey

We are excited for the possibilities the Lord is opening in Mexico now! IBLP Mexico will be hosting a Journey to the Heart retreat for mothers July 4-12, 2015, and one for young men and young ladies August 1-9, 2015. Also, we are taking steps to organize another Family Conference in the Monterrey area this fall. Please pray with us that the Lord will lead in every aspect of these endeavors. If you would like to learn more about the IBLP Ministry in Mexico, please contact us at: or visit us online at

Photos courtesy of Marian Solano

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