Family Connections Mid-Trip Update

November 3, 2015

The twelve-week adventure of the Family Connections trip is over halfway completed. Coming to a close soon, the team is excited about the final two weeks ahead. From a flat tire to a bent trailer hitch, God has kept the team safe thus far. Traveling in the RV has given them time to recuperate before and after each stop, while also doing office work on the road. The many miles of landscape along the way have been diverse and beautiful. Here’s a brief mid-trip report of where the team has been since their last post:


During the Family Connection in Arizona, the young people had an object lesson using the classic block tower to illustrate how every decision in life is like a building block. Any compromise could collapse the entire tower or reputation of an individual. On an evening following that Connection meeting, several families from the area joined the team and the hosting family for a hymn-sing. One was a neighboring Mormon family. The Lord gave opportunities to witness and be a testimony to the family, especially to their sixteen-year-old son.

CALIFORNIA: San Diego, Newhall, Los Angeles, San Jose 

Heading westward, the team was able to rest up and have renewed energy in preparation for several meetings scheduled along the west coast. In San Diego, several families gathered and enjoyed connecting with new friends in the area. Folks near San Diego and Newhall also made the drive to attend the all-day Family Connection in Los Angeles on Saturday.

This first-time all-day Family Connection in Los Angeles was well attended with over one hundred people participating. The “round table” discussions with the attending adults have been encouraging, instructional, and inspirational. As time and structure allow, families share how God used IBLP in their lives to make an impact, as well as sharing challenges they have faced. The transparency and encouragement of others has motivated new families to desire to deepen their walk with the Lord.

After an all-night drive to San Jose, Family Connection team leader David Waller preached a message on Sunday which was translated into Chinese by an attending father. Next followed a delicious lunch in the fellowship hall. After the fellowship meal and a short break, the Family Connection meeting resumed. Soon it was time for the team to pack up and say farewell to California.


An outdoor meeting was held in Boring (Portland), OR, at a hosting family’s home. The amount of work that the host did to prepare the food and organize a time of fellowship was amazing. They even bought and smoked salmon for all the attendees! Two more family events were held in the neighboring northern state, in Port Orchard (Seattle) and Lynden. From there the team continued their northerly trek.

CANADA: Vancouver and Sorrento (BRITISH COLUMBIA) 

This year’s Family Connection team had several meetings scheduled in Canada. The team was particularly encouraged by the welcome they received from our northern neighbors. Several families ministered in music together. One family graciously opened their home to most of the team, giving them “real” beds and a break from “RV living.”


Re-entering the United States, the next Family Connection events were in Eltopia, WA; Parma (Boise), ID; Laramie, WY; and Littleton (Denver), CO. At a Sunday service in Colorado, David Waller shared on the trials and storms of life, especially highlighting the story of his brother’s passing. Little did anyone know that a visiting family had lost a brother two weeks earlier. The Lord used the message to encourage them to cling to Jesus.


Starting to turn southward and eastward to begin the last third of the tour, the team held a meeting in Clayton, New Mexico. With five days between, they drove to Georgia for the next Family Connection. In Atlanta, one couple gave their testimony of how God used IBLP to change their life, especially their marriage. The husband mentioned that he had told the Lord, “God, if you can help me with my marriage, I will serve you the rest of my life.” That seminar proved to be a major turning point in their marriage. They have now been married for sixty years.

NEXT: The East Coast and Beyond!

There has been much rejoicing in the good turnout the Family Connection events have had this year. Families have “connected” with other like-minded believers in their locales, encouraging others and being encouraged themselves. Before the team leaves, they take a few minutes to pray with each host family and to pause and reflect on what God has done at each stop.  One mother wrote, “I just wanted to write and thank you for all you selflessly do in traveling and encouraging families all over the country. We were so richly blessed by what you all said last night.  I am so glad our sons got to visit with you all and be encouraged by your sincere love for Jesus and missions. …You all will be in our prayers.”

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