First Family Conference Held in Monterrey, Mexico!

November 16, 2016

After many years of waiting, October 13-15, 2016, was when the Lord finally opened the door for the first Family Conference in Monterrey, Mexico!

For months the IBLP Mexico staff has been praying for God’s direction, grace, speakers, attendants, and Children’s Institute teachers. God provided it all—a place for the conference, audio-visual equipment, housing for the CI team, and a beautiful facility to host the Children’s Institute teachers’ training and seminar. It was wonderful to see the hospitality and willing cooperation extended to us by our brothers in Monterrey. 

For the first time, the Children’s Institute included a special group for 4-and-5-year olds. It was impressive how the little ones were eager to learn about the Lord. 

Each attendee was there by God’s grace, and many heart was passionate for His cause. Leslie from Monterrey said, “I’m here because of my desire to see every life transformed by the principles that have changed the way I see life.”

God’s love and wisdom were evident at the Family Conference. His blessing was upon everyone, both those ministering and those being ministered to. The Lord answered many prayers! It was especially encouraging to see Him answering some of the requests that were from the attendees’ hearts!

Here are some testimonies from people who came to the Monterrey Conference:

“I have decided to keep my eyes on Christ.” —Andrea

“To witness the Godly people from different parts of our nation has impacted my life; I have hope!” —Martha

“God answered many questions I had. The Lord is working on me . . .  To be near to people who love God with all their heart makes me feel at home.” —Ixchel

“‘Draw near to God and He will draw near to you’: this is exactly what has happened this year with our family through the two Family Conferences of the Institute in Basic Principles-Mexico. God has used each speaker as a ‘megaphone’ from the Lord, proclaiming His Word for our lives and homes. Deep gratefulness is in our hearts for preparing the means and time so that my family and I can draw near to God and His people. Now, we can no longer remain silent.” —Marroquín Family

There is no doubt that the Lord came near to us in Monterrey Mexico as His Word became true in our hearts, as we drew nigh to God, and as He drew nigh to us (See James 4:8a). Praise God for His opening the door to our first Family Conference in Monterrey, Mexico!

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