God’s Hand at Work in Mongolia

February 17, 2015

God continues to work in Mongolia through the people who are serving there. Sodoo and his wife, Gerlee, are parents to three young children and have served with IBLP since 2009. Sodoo teaches and serves throughout Mongolia. Tsoomoo is a young translator who began working with us about two years ago. She and other volunteers join Sodoo in various training programs and translation projects.

In 2014, multiple seminars were held in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, as well as in outlying areas. A huge milestone was finishing the seminar DVDs, enabling it to be shown in a remote countryside city for the first time. Throughout the year more than 350 people attended the seminars, with almost half of them being first-time attendees.

In addition to presenting seminars, the Mongolian team ministered to a wide range of groups through character training, including youth and adults at local Christian ministries and churches, students at public schools, and staff and residents at a substance abuse recovery center. Many have been impacted by the practical application of God’s truths.

In January of this year, twenty national teachers came from three different cities to attend the Teacher Training Course. (Twenty-three other teachers completed the course held in November.) The course provides practical instruction in designing effective character lessons and personally applying the qualities.

Not only were the educators taught how to teach character to various age groups, but they also had the opportunity to practice teaching what they had learned. The character qualities they studied were attentiveness, obedience, and gratefulness. The teachers who attended have many opportunities to instruct children in the schools and churches across Mongolia. Already the attendees have started to apply character instruction in the classroom and are excited about training selected social workers to take these principles to the broader community.

Translation work was also a focus for 2014, as Sodnom (our long-time staff person) helped Tsoomoo translate and edit the IBLP booklets Ten Steps to End Financial Pressures, The True Significance of the Wedding Covenant, and The Key to Riches, Honor, and Life. They also translated the 2015 Biblical Character Illustrated Calendar. We pray these resources will be a blessing to many as we look forward to God’s continued work in Mongolia in 2015.

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