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Illustrated in Scripture,
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This easy-to-use, Bible-based curriculum is designed to give children a greater understanding of Who God is and how to develop His character in their lives. As we welcome Christ’s work in our hearts and respond in obedient faith, He will form His character in us. The Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum is designed to help you teach a focus on God’s Word and applying His ways in everyday decisions.

This series helps children examine the character of God as portrayed in His Word and examples from the lives of the men and women of Scripture. Bring your teaching to life as you seek the Lord together with character lessons that are fun and memorable!

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Sunday School teachers


Bible clubs


Small groups

A complete toolkit for teaching character. Right out of the Bible.


Each booklet uses the stories of Scripture to illuminate a unique character quality, and exposes many lesser-known Biblical accounts to spotlight how God works in the lives of His people.


This curriculum contains everything you will need to give kids a vision for building character through faith in Christ. Lessons, discussion questions, crafts, activities, word games, and coloring pages, are all included!

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Each Biblical Character Illustrated booklet includes:

Four Bible Lessons

Each lesson studies an aspect of the character quality. This “God Enables Me” statement is explained in the lesson introduction. The lesson then has a Bible story introduction and Scripture passage, plus discussion and personal application questions.

Memory Verses with Games

An engaging game is part of each lesson’s memory verse. Space is provided for students to record how they may apply the verse in their lives.

Crafts & Activities

Each lesson contains a fun hands-on activity, such as an object lesson, word game, craft, or worksheet to make the lesson enjoyable and memorable. These activities reinforce the character quality in a memorable way.

Coloring Pages

Corresponding with each lesson’s Bible story is a reproducible coloring page. Coloring the lesson picture will keep little hands busy as children listen and learn about men and women in the Bible whose lack of faith produced poor character or whose walk with God resulted in good character.

Hymn & Hymn Story

Add depth and meaning to the hymns you know, and learn new ones together! Lessons include a hymn and the inspiring accounts of their authors and composers, as well as the fascinating stories and historical events connected with them.

Salvation Object Lesson

In our own strength, we cannot consistently demonstrate genuine character. Our inability reveals our need for Christ and the Holy Spirit to change us. An easy-to-present, interactive salvation message is available to present to the students.

What families around the world are saying:

“You have put this together so wonderfully. I love the schedule. It is so easy to follow and keep up with doing it. It is short enough to keep the kids attention. It gets right to the meat of the Scriptures. We have been learning a lot.”
Homeschool Mom
“[This] curriculum . . . puts you on an awesome path and the Holy Spirit leads you on rich ‘rabbit trails’ that can’t be planned.”
Homeschool Mom
“[This] curriculum is a great asset to any family. The concepts are simple enough for little children, but also great food for thought for their elders!”
“I am homeschooling my children and I like the resources available on this site for character building lessons. I just want to say thank you so much.”
Family from Nigeria
“I love to look through your booklets to tutor myself and my children with God’s Word and put it into practice in different areas of our lives.”
Family from South Korea
“It was so easy to pull the curriculum off the shelf and use with my Sunday School class with very little prep time. The kids loved it! I’m going to use this curriculum again!”
Sunday School Teacher

Help your children see God’s character through His Word.

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For what age child was this curriculum designed?

BCIC was specifically designed for elementary-age children, grades 1–6. The material is written with a 4th grade child in mind. However, the material can be adapted by users for middle school grades. Keep in mind that learning styles and comprehension levels vary greatly from child to child, so each booklet includes material for children at multiple levels and with various learning styles.

This resource is designed to flex to the needs of children of various ages. For example, during the word search, preschool children may point out the ABCs while older children may search for every word that is in the memory verse and character quality definition. Also, very young children may listen and color the coloring page during the Bible study while older children look up verses to find answers to the lesson’s questions. Activities may be done by all ages. However, children who feel they are too old may assist younger ones in making their crafts. Character is one subject the entire family or class can learn together.

Do I need to purchase a booklet for each child?

You do not need to order a separate booklet for each child. The worksheet and coloring pages have permission granted for reproduction for educational purposes. You will find one book is sufficient per family or per group.

How long does it take to study through each booklet?

Typically, each booklet is a monthlong study. The two most common schedules for teaching the booklets are:

  • Family Style: 15 minutes a day as shown on the schedule in the front of each booklet
  • Sunday School Style: A one-hour class once a week for 4 weeks as shown in the table of contents.

I’m not sure this curriculum is the best fit for my situation. Is there any way to try it first?

Yes! Please browse this list of all 49 character qualities and view sample pages and download free activities for each one.

You may also download one entire sample booklet as a PDF.

Does IBLP offer other character-based resources?


  • The Character Sketches are excellent for science, nature stories, and Bible study. This series includes optional coloring books and crossword puzzle books.
  • On the Biblical Character Illustrated Calendar you will see that many of the BCIC booklets match a featured character quality of the month on the calendar. Some families or individuals read these verses from the calendar as a daily Scripture for meditation, as well as a section of the BCIC booklet.
  • Reinforce a character focus by subscribing to the daily email devotional. The daily devotionals are available for free via email. Sign up here or download the app “Biblical Character Calendar” from the app store.
  • Other character resources include The Power for True Success and Achieving True Success. Each hardbound volume contains concise, easy-to-read content about each character quality along with relevant illustrations and beautiful photographs throughout.

Start a journey into Biblical character today!

The Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum is designed to help you teach character with a focus on God’s Word and applying His ways in everyday decisions. This curriculum uses examples from the lives of Bible men and women whose walk with God resulted in good character or whose lack of faith produced poor character.

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