How is God working in Romania?

August 11, 2015

New Accreditation for Character Program

The character program has been very well received in Romania from the very beginning, almost twenty years ago. In the last several years there has been an increasing interest from the educational leaders and teachers to expand the program. Thousands of teachers and educators have attended these character conferences. One Department of Education has been working with the Romanian seminar office to prepare a new form of accreditation for 25-30 credit hours, using our online training. This training has great potential to reach throughout the nation due to the flexibility of being online.

Character Conferences

Forty participants attended a Character Conference in the district of Tulcea on June 10. Five were the trainers from a teachers’ Continuing Education office and the others were teachers from a middle school for children with special needs.

The first part of the conference was an introduction to the character program, since they were unfamiliar with the material. The second part of the conference was even more exciting with large group discussions. The teachers grew in their understanding of what the heart of character education is all about. Over twenty teachers signed up for the online character training, while others bought additional resources. There is also a Character Conference in the fall with all the principals participating from one district.

Seminar in a Church From Timisoara

A church in one of the largest cities in Romania (Timisoara) has been attending the seminar for the last couple of weeks and is nearing completion. Their pastor shared: “Our Church received great spiritual nourishment through these powerful biblical truths presented in a practical way. . . . The young people have recognized the need to understand the root cause of the problems they face, as well as to stay under the authorities

Several IBLP publications have been translated and published into the Romanian language, including “The Power for True Success,” and the Biblical Character Illustrated calendar for 2015. The Lord provided various ways for these resources to be distributed throughout the country, and the feedback has been encouraging! The calendar surpassed all expectations, having sold 1,000 of them to evangelical leaders, churches, schools, and families! The 2016 Biblical Character Illustrated calendar has already been translated into Romanian; translation is currently underway for the Hungarian version of this calendar for next year.

One pastor commented, “As a pastor I am greatly concerned about the right teaching and the development that comes in people’s lives with that teaching, especially teenagers and youth. A while ago I came across the Basic Principle Character Calendar . . . before it was translated. I was so excited and started to develop a plan for implementing it, first to our youth meetings, and then to the whole church. The calendar is the best material that I’ve seen so far. . . . It’s an easy to use calendar and [at] the same time profound. We had many wonderful practical discussions and conclusions around the topics. Being divided monthly, it gives you the opportunity to address consistently a certain topic and to follow the results in the lives of the participants.”

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