IBLP Hosts SOWER Ministry 40th Anniversary Event

April 18, 2023

This month, we had the privilege of hosting the SOWER Ministry’s 40th Anniversary Rally. The SOWER Ministry (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready) is an RV work ministry of retired couples who travel around the country in campers and RVs, providing help to other Christian ministries. Each SOWER couple has their own skill set—whether painting, electrical, plumbing, sewing, construction, or cleaning—and is able to choose their project locations and how many projects they do throughout the year. Often, those residing in the North will head South for the winter, and then work in the North during the summer. The SOWERs travel the country, meeting and building relationships with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. The group encourages others by voluntarily meeting practical needs and sharing the light of Christ everywhere they go. 

Although most SOWERs may be relatively advanced in years, their enthusiasm and joy for living and serving the Lord is remarkable! For example, two SOWER ladies, Jackie and Carolyn, joined our janitorial staff for a two-week time before their Rally. These two ladies literally got the job done in half the time it would have taken our normal crew to do it! Not only did we have SOWERs here to help gear up for the Rally, but for years, IBLP and ALERT have benefited from the SOWER Ministry when they have sent couples to serve on our campus.

When the Rally rolled around, so did RV after RV! We hosted over 100 SOWER couples and the rally was quite a successful event. The campground was filled, but unlike our Family Conference crowds of large families, these couples settled in and were unassuming and barely heard. However, we always knew where they had been because they left behind evidence: freshly painted gates, newly outfitted RV sites, nicely renovated apartments, and thoroughly completed project after project after project!

This Rally was the first event the SOWER Ministry has ever held in which all SOWERs in the organization were invited. They typically have only regional events, so this time was meaningful to them for many reasons. During the Rally, the days were filled with a variety of educational classes and activities —from watching Lew Sterrett teach while he trains his horses (in a new corral, no less!) to learning internet and app tips for RV travelers to enjoying a cookout and fireworks show by the lake. After having lunch with the SOWERs and hearing them reminisce about the weekend, the common theme that was heard was fellowship. The friendships they have built by working on projects together across North American ministries and serving alongside others has given them an encouraging and rewarding community of believers. The Rally gave them the opportunity to come together and reconnect with longtime friends, as well as make new friends. The testimonies and stories throughout the week were a refreshing highlight for many. 

Our staff here in Big Sandy, Texas, were blessed to be able to host the SOWER Ministry for this momentous occasion. We hope you have the privilege of crossing paths with a SOWER couple someday, and if you do, you will be blessed, as we have been, by their servant’s hearts and love for the Lord. To learn more about the SOWER Ministry, visit sowerministry.org

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