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Ministry Trip to Mexico and Costa Rica

November 17, 2015

(Last week, we shared Part 1 of the story of IBLP staff ministry in Mexico. This week Part 2 continues the Mexico trip and into Costa Rica.)

From Guadalajara, the threesome traveled to the very beautiful and humid city of Villahermosa. The invitation to share about God’s principles, Christ’s Commands, and their application to our lives opened many opportunities to minister directly to the lives of families and individuals. A three-day seminar resulted where many were blessed and encouraged to continue their growth in the Word of God. It was noted that The Commands of Christ Pocket Guide is a valuable tool believers use in their small groups and in new churches in Mexico and also in other countries of Latin America.

The next destination was the city of Los Mochis, where the traveling family was hosted by the group who has been instrumental in the translation and editing of many of the IBLP materials over the last couple of years. What a joy it was to spend time with those who have invested so much! These translators were so enthusiastic about being able to bless those who speak Spanish with quality translations in their own language. Please pray that God’s grace and wisdom will be upon all the ones involved in this process so that their labor will bring forth much fruit for God’s Kingdom.

It was then time to leave Mexico and fly to San Jose, Costa Rica. A missionary family from Colombia arranged accommodations for the staff family and put them in contact with a dear couple who were instrumental in setting up meetings with pastors and ministry leaders in Costa Rica. The people were not only kind, but also eager to hear about the large amount of Spanish resources brought from Mexico. Their excitement and enthusiasm to be used by God was amazing. May God give wisdom to further develop the ministry in Costa Rica, starting with the pastors and their churches!

Returning to Mexico, there was one remaining city to visit – Hermosillo. This city in the very hot northern part of Mexico is where God has allowed more seminars to be held than any other city in the country over the last couple years. IBLP’s goal to better serve the leaders and their people was clarified by the believers explaining their struggles to the visiting staff members. This gave clearer direction on how IBLP could better come alongside and assist those hosting the seminars.

After 33 days, over 10,000 miles, 21 locations, 13 plane flights, and 4 bus excursions, the ministry trip was complete! What was physically trying was made possible via God’s love, grace, wisdom, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, direction, and strength! In each place visited, the Lord’s presence and His ever-peaceful assurance was evident.

Please pray for each pastor, leader, and individual going against the “current” and for the families who are truly pioneering through the relatively new method of Christian education at home.  Thank you for praying for the IBLP Mexico and Latin America outreach as we desire to serve Christ with excellence and joy, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith!

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