Mom’s Journey in Mexico

July 31, 2015

Guadalajara was recently the site of the first Mothers’ Journey to the Heart in Mexico! The group of 10 ladies from both Mexico and Peru were hosted for the weeklong retreat at the beautiful Training Center in Guadalajara. Arriving July 4, this set-apart time was a new idea for these mothers – a week with the main priority to seek the Lord about their heart condition. By the end of “El Viaje al Corazon” on July 11, there was a heartfelt unity among the mothers.

Among the testimonies, one lady said at the beginning of the Journey that she didn’t want to return home the same way she came. Her young daughter had told her, “Mommy, you won’t be the same. You will come back OK.” The mother had arrived with severe depression and suicidal thoughts; however, as the week progressed she realized all the lies she had believed about herself and her family. Her first smile appeared midweek. By the end of the week she was laughing and rejoicing in the Lord! Her circumstances had not changed, but she had found freedom from the lies and fears that had previously dominated her thoughts. 

Another participant, a pastor’s wife, had been struggling concerning her life and ministry. During the week spent seeking God and examining her heart before Him, she realized she had been believing a lie about this stage in her life. Regarding the truth she had learned, she became excited that the Lord still had great work for her and her husband to do in His Kingdom! 

Another lady spoke up, telling how she had believed that she was always right and there was nothing wrong with her. However, during the week as she studied the material about the different conditions of the heart, the Lord had shown her that she had a prideful, bitter, and deceitful heart. She confessed initially that she didn’t love her husband, but was with him out of obligation. During the Journey, her attitude changed as she humbled herself to accept God’s perspective of her life. God gave her a new love for her husband and a new respect for her marriage.

All the mothers expressed their gratefulness to those who made this Journey possible and are hopeful about the possibility of future Journeys in Mexico. They desire to tell and bring their friends and acquaintances who also need a “change of heart.”

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