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2014 Family Connections Team Report

Families gathering around God's Word

What is a Family Connection?

The Family Connections Tour began out of a desire to support families in their decisions to center their lives and their learning on the Word of God. A team was formed and sent on a nine-week crosscountry tour to meet with small gatherings of families to encourage them in this goal!

On August 23 the team began their first meeting, sharing messages to encourage families as they seek to deepen their walk with the Lord, love for His Word, and relationships with others. We are grateful for the 12,000 miles of safe travel during this tour as well as the many people that the Lord allowed to cross their paths! As the Family Connections team traveled, they were blessed by many people through their examples, hospitality, and generosity.

The team conducted day-long Saturday meetings in ten different cities, and also met for many weekday evening events in the homes of families on the way. God worked in everyone’s life to minister peace that “passeth all understanding” (Philippians 4:7), which included salvation for some, direction for others, and inspiration for many! We praise God for what He did and want to extend a special “thank you” to the host families and to all who made the nine-week Family Connections Tour a meaningful time!

Life-Impacting Messages Were Shared

Gary Fraley challenged parents to embrace a vision of discipling their children by using God’s Word as the basis for life and learning.
Chris Hogan shared practical lessons he has learned about helping children discover truth for themselves. He has found these keys as he has helped his family of eleven children.
Tom Hunsberger recorded a series (that was just released on Embassy Institute) about the importance of understanding learning efficiencies when teaching.

Thank You For Making It Possible!

Families gathering around God’s Word is a rich basis for fellowship. The messages presented during the Family Connections spoke to people in different ways. Here is what some who attended the meetings said:

Strengthened for the Battle

After a few family representatives attended, one wrote: “My daughter and friend heard a message given Thursday night. My daughter’s friend was especially blessed and encouraged. The message met her needs in a recurring spiritual battle. She has new tools and joy to continue the fight.”

Hearts Encouraged

Another wrote: “Thank you so much for coming out to visit us!! I had such a great time with all of you and was very encouraged by your visit! I learned a lot from the messages you gave and was challenged by your hearts for the Lord.”

Homeschooling Supported

At one home the team was blessed to stay in, the mother asked them to join her in doing the Wisdom Booklets with her children. They were delighted to join her and to share how their parents had done it when they were growing up.

Believers Fed by God’s Word

A mother in Los Angeles said she thought the event would just be an ATI family potluck dinner. However, she commented that she was richly fed in God’s Word.

Two of the families were attending an IBLP/ATI function for the very first time. As the evening’s events came to an end, one of the dads said: “The timing of me coming is of God. He really convicted me about some things tonight . . . . I think God has just changed my perspective on family tonight and we are going to trust God for the size of our family from now on.”

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