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2015 Calendar

Discover twelve qualities that reflect God's nature

Dear family and friends,

As we enter new times in the ministry, our desire is that your soul would prosper and your walk with God would be closer and closer. With those goals in mind, we are excited to offer you a calendar that is more than a calendar—it is a calendar to encourage you in your daily walk with God.

In the 2015 Calendar, each month focuses on a study from the Scriptures about a character quality that reflects the nature of God. The calendar highlights twelve character qualities, accompanied by encouraging practical applications, and can be used as both a personal daily devotional guide and a family study tool.

Beautiful, full-color, classic illustrations portraying Biblical scenes enhance the study of each character quality. Furthermore, the back of the calendar presents a variety of suggestions for personal application, family devotions, and ways to use the calendar as a teaching resource. The ideas presented can be used by teachers, families, and individuals, both young and old.

It is our continued desire to strengthen individuals and families in their spiritual journeys. We are excited to announce the availability of this tool to assist you in your daily walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe you will be encouraged through the daily readings and study of God’s character as you use the 2015 Calendar.

Sincerely in Christ,

Tim Levendusky
President, IBLP

Update: You may now sign up for free Biblical Character Illustrated daily emails! There is also a new perpetual calendar version of the calendar for setting up on a table top for easy reference throughout the day.

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