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2017 Journey to the Heart Dates

New locations and new events added!
Exciting new things are happening with Journey to the Heart this year! New locations are planned, including a Guys’ Journey and a Girls’ Journey in Florida and in Texas.  Journey will also be hosting some shorter, 4–5-day events, such as a Journey Reunion, where the focus is fellowship, the format is fun, and the goal is uniting around the goodness of God! In August, we will have two new events, one for single guys and one for single girls. Men on Mission will help guys to engage in the battle all around us. In The Overlook, for single girls, we will explore a “different kind of single” and tackle some of the issues we face in our day and age.  Take the Lead is for guys and girls 18 and older who want to explore the keys of leadership. As Christians, we are all commissioned to lead, whether you like being the spokesperson or are a “behind-the-scenes” person. 

Want to know more about these exciting events? Check out the details on our new website:

Girls’ Journeys

March 18-26 (Melrose, FL)

May 13-21 (Big Sandy, TX)

July 15-23 (Northwoods, MI) 

September 23-October 1 (Northwoods, MI)

Guys’ Journeys

March 18-26 (Melrose, FL)

June 17-25 (Northwoods, MI)

September 23-October 1 (Big Sandy, TX)

Ladies’ Journey (Married Ladies and Single Ladies 25+)

September 23-October 1 (Northwoods, MI) 

New Events (to be held in Oak Brook, IL)

Journey Reunion (Guys and Girls)

June 28-July 2

Men on Mission (Single Guys 18-35)

August 3-6

The Overlook (Single Girls 21+)

August 17-20

Take the Lead (Guys and Girls 18+)

September 13-17

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