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Big Sandy Conference

Over 2,500 attended the ATI Training Conference held May 4–7, 2004, in Big Sandy, TX.

The first of four dynamic ATI training conferences has just ended. The sessions were powerful and faith-building while the setting in Big Sandy, TX, was relaxing and family-friendly.

Dr. Karl Coke

The theme of the 2004 conferences is “Doing Mighty Deeds With Great Faith,” and the goal is to comprehend how “to know the love of Christ… [Who] is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us” (Ephesians 3:19–20).

Dr. Adrian Rogers shared the secret of this power when he explained “kingdom authority” from the Biblical account of the centurion. Dr. Karl Coke, Ray Comfort, Jim Sammons, and every other speaker contributed additional facets of meaning to this important truth.

A mother from Texas wrote “Hearing Dr. Coke speak on how the New Testament completes the Old Testament was like taking Windex and cleaning dirt off of a glass. I can see more clearly now what the Bible is saying about Jesus.”

Life Purpose Planning workshop

Life Purpose Planning workshop led by Dewey Novotny

The early-morning sessions for men were intensely practical. Phil Bowman shared how he has kept his family free from worldly influences by a commitment to ministry and wise, Biblical vows. Pastor Jerry Wells outlined the essential elements for families to be effective in making disciples. Many people made the comment that the messages were exactly what they needed to hear.

Students learned how to grow in faith and find direction for life and ministry.

In the afternoons, students aged 15 and above listened intently as speakers challenged them to be completely committed to God and to grow in faith as they discover and follow His plans for their lives. One attendee reported, “The student sessions were dynamic and life-changing for me. I came to Big Sandy with a general idea of my life purpose, but not exactly sure of the details or how to get to the place of ministry that I felt God wanted for my life. I listened with excitement as Mr. Novotny shared with us the steps for discovering our life purpose and how to create a Christ-centered plan to fulfill it! My life has become so exciting as I now have a specific direction in which the Lord is guiding me.”


Many friendships were made and valuable lessons learned through the Pre-EXCEL and ALERT Cadet programs.

These training conferences are not limited to only those in the ATI home education program. It is of vital importance that every believer understand how to increase in faith and how to be used by God to accomplish mighty works for His kingdom.

Pictures From the Week

ALERT Cadet ALERT Cadets

ALERT Cadets

Student choir

Jim Sammons receives a plaque of recognition

Jim Sammons, president of ATI, receives a plaque of recognition and appreciation

Student choir

Student choir

Dining room Family picnic

Mealtime in the dining room

Mealtimes with good food and fellowship

Children’s programs

Children’s Institute

Young attendee

A young participant

Father with children

Family harmony

COMMIT discipleship group

COMMIT discipleship group

Shuttle service

Shuttle service

Texas can get hot!

Texas can get hot!

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