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ATI Students Pass the Test

The ATI student team in the Far East Basic Seminar and Children’s Institute in Taiwan

The ATI student team in the Far East

Such barriers as language, age, culture, religion, economics, and race posed no problem to teams of ATI students who conducted Basic Seminars and Children’s Institutes in major cities throughout Taiwan and other nations during the month of February 2000.

In Taiwan, 120 families who observed ATI young people like those pictured above asked if they could join the program. They formed a homeschool association for this purpose.

Heiko Deiter with two Taiwanese boys

Heiko Deiter (pictured above) watched a transformation take place in two “out-of-control” boys when he made them his personal assistants. Many children responded to the Good News of the Gospel.

They are so impressed with the quality of the young people in the program that they are willing to take any steps necessary to have their sons and daughters become like them. Only 2 percent of the people of Taiwan are Christians.

During the Basic Seminar, hundreds of children attended Children’s Institutes in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Their enthusiastic response to the training is reflected on their happy faces.

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