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Called to Do the Impossible! (Part One)

A Report from the ALERT team in Peru

Eight men from the Air Land Emergency Resource Team (ALERT) joined Bill Gothard and a team from the IBLP Headquarters in Peru. Little did they realize the "impossible" opportunities that God had in store for them! Here is an eyewitness report from Colonel John Tanner:

"Last week eight of us embarked upon the nation of Peru with little knowledge of daily schedule, but with great trust in the mighty power of God to accomplish His purpose. We are still in the city of Lima where we will continue to minister for another week.

The Spirit of God Guiding Our Daily Steps

"We began our ministry work by mid–day Friday. A major structural fire had broken out Thursday night at a department of education book storage facility and we were asked to give support to the firefighters. Arriving on the scene we were met by Congressman Rosas and soon surrounded by scores of news media.

"We were escorted inside the police line near the fire where we met with the fire chief who shared with us how ill–equipped and under–staffed they were. After spending some time sharing thoughts on the fire scene, I asked how we could serve him in this time of need. His expression revealed his struggle to hold back the tears. He then said, "Just you being here has given us hope and encouragement."

"Afterwards, we met with the Chief of the Serenazgo (a security patrol that works with the police to reduce crime), and I asked, 'What is your greatest need?' He answered, "Building relationships with our communities." As a result, he invited us to train 300 officers on Thursday (you should be receiving this letter as this happens). We will be using some specialty ALERT training to help them learn the disciplines of character so that they can apply it in all aspects of their relationship building. We will also be sharing Christ as key to the presentation.

Reaching the Poor

"On Sunday, we and the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) team visited three church services. In each case, the churches were full and several came to Christ. We met with 100 pastors from across Peru on Monday, who each represents multiple evangelical churches in their areas. They all wanted to know more about the Biblical insights and will attend a much larger session with us next Wednesday."On Saturday we traveled to the north of Lima to the city of Ventanilla (the area where land is being donated to establish an ALERT base in Peru), where the poorest population of Peru lives. Our day consisted of walking through their market area sharing the gospel. Many of them trusted Jesus as savior. Our goal is to have a meeting place next week where we can present Christ and Biblical principles. The mayor of the city has invited us to share our message with as many as possible.

Our Most Important Activity!

Responding to a Disaster at the Request of the First Lady!"Afterwards, we decided to go to one of the major city squares in Lima to share the gospel. Some of the team began playing musical instruments and as the crowd quickly began to gather, many of us were passing out tracts. At one point I began to share my testimony to the crowd of nearly 100 people. I then presented the way to salvation through Christ, and more than 30 hands went up. As I led them in prayer, they all prayed out loud (confessing with their mouths). Afterwards I was amazed at the tears in many of their eyes and the joy in their countenances. I thought about Psalm 43:5 that says, " ...for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." "A major flood occurred over the weekend outside of Lima and the First Lady (Wife of President Humala) asked us to help them. So, on Tuesday, her personal aides escorted us into the flood–devastated area where we began unloading a semi–truck of water at their command post. We then gathered shovels and wheelbarrows to begin clearing mud from homes and sides of the streets as large front–loaders pushed it down the hill to an open area.

"Working with police and Peruvian rescue teams, some of our men and IBLP students spent hours digging through one home area searching for a five–year old girl who was missing. Toward the end of the day we were able to spend time at the command post handing out tracts, sharing the gospel with individuals, distributing water, and teaching the children. Again, many trusted Christ.

"On Wednesday, we went to a nursing college where we shared with students during the morning session and then returned to speak with the evening session. When it came time to ask the question, "how many of you would like to receive Jesus Christ as your savior?" almost every hand went up in a room filled with nearly 500 students. We continued to see the hand of God in the midst of our ministry with these, as many came to Christ again.

Called to Do the Impossible!

"Throughout the week in every place we went, people would say, 'We saw ALERT on the news!' Almost every plan we made was redirected daily as we saw God's plan unfold in ways we could have never imagine. God has not only been directing us to do mighty works, but over and over again, we have seen Him do impossible works!"

Colonel John Tanner
International ALERT Academy

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