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Called to Do the Impossible! (Part Two)

A Report from the IBLP team in Peru

The story continues! A team from IBLPVerity Institute, and the ALERT Academy joined together on a trip to Peru and saw the incredible work of God.

A Request From the President's Wife

 When we arrived in Peru for our fifth visit, a major fire was raging out of control in a huge warehouse. Over $100 million worth of school textbooks were destroyed. On the following day, Col. John Tanner, Col. Russel Moulton, and their ALERT men were asked to help put out the blaze. They were interviewed on national television, which led to training of hundreds of emergency responders. Many of them received Christ, including the mayor of a town.

Training University Students

The next day we were asked by the President's wife to help hundreds of people who had lost everything in a flood that had ravaged their village. Wearing knee boots and equipped with shovels, pick axes, and wheelbarrows, we worked for hours digging them out. Then we gathered hundreds together and distributed water and booklets. When the Gospel was explained, almost the entire gathering prayed out loud to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Becoming a World Model for Health Care

The President and owner of a 6,000-student university invited us to speak to his students. We were excited about this because many were taking nursing courses and if given the right training could give valuable assistance in our work with the hospitals. Since they could not find an auditorium large enough for the students who wanted to attend, we repeated our training. When we dismissed the students no one left. They wanted more. When the invitation was given to receive salvation, again most of the group prayed out loud to receive Christ as their Savior.

A correlation between specific stresses and diseases would be a major medical breakthrough in itself. However, if we could then resolve the stresses through the Basic Seminar and document a dramatic decrease in sicknesses and diseases, we would have a world model for health care! The head doctor of the hospital exclaimed, "Everything I have learned about medicine has been challenged by what has taken place this week!"When we arrived at the major hospital in the port city, Dr. Luis Rubio and a team of top medical officials met us and gave us a tour of the facilities. We were amazed to see hundreds of people waiting in large rooms to get an appointment to see a doctor. We asked if this was a daily occurrence, and the answer was "yes." We explained the potential of helping each patient identify and resolve the stresses that lead to sickness and disease. Dr. Rubio was excited about this plan and wanted to sign a contract to start the program that very day!

A Governor's Appeal

The poorest region in Peru is Ventanilla, with 300,000 residents, mostly women and children. Many are without water or electricity. We met with the Regional President (Governor), and he offered to give us a large tract of land in Ventanilla if we would build a center on it to train the young people.

Giving Hope to Abused Girls

The moral strength of a nation will be determined by the protection, training, and influence of its women. Thus, we were thrilled to meet with the new Minister of Women and have her explain her belief in Christ and her desire to work with us in helping thousands of abused girls. An agreement to do this is being drawn up. Hannah met Miracle at one of Peru's 400 shelters. She was only 14 but had had an abortion and had tried to kill herself. When she saw Hannah's love, she talked for three hours. Hannah gave her a diamond necklace as a reminder of God's love. One of the highlights of the week was meeting new gang members–most of whom prayed to receive Christ as Savior and want to reach other youth. We also reconnected with gang leaders we have shared with in the past. After explaining to a key pastor why the churches of our day have lost their power, he said, "You must teach this to the pastors of Peru." So, he sponsored a breakfast meeting with 100 pastors. We explained the potential of pastors reaching thousands of hospital patients by conducting Basic Seminars in their churches and how they could become a model for the world. They were excited about receiving further training!

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