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Cape Cod Father/Son Camp

The ALERT Cadet program is a “toolbox” that encourages fathers as they seek to gain and keep the hearts of their sons ages 8—17-years-old. This goal is facilitated through a variety of activities including daily devotionals, unit meetings, father/son activities, and camps. Recently, a camp was held in Cape Cod, MA, for the Northeastern units.

The camp theme, taken from Luke 17:5, was “Increase our Faith.” Building on the theme of last year's camp, the fathers and sons looked at how fear and anger affect our daily lives. When we allow fear and anger to determine our responses to life's challenges, we will, undoubtedly, make wrong decisions and take wrong actions. However, if we view fear and anger as warning lights, we are able to overcome the obstacles in front of us and build deeper relationships with those around us.

At Cape Cod, the fathers and sons participated in a river crossing, Drill and Ceremony, campfires, a cookout, and a work project. One of the primary aspects of this camp was serving the lady who owns the facility. Fathers and sons helped with many parts of the work projects, including tree removal, cutting and stacking firewood, repairing the deck on the house, setting up a wireless internet system, setting mouse traps, and other general maintenance around the property. The workers were eager and willing to serve, and the lady was very grateful for their valuable service!

Training sons in leadership as they get older is an important part of the ALERT Cadet program. The many young men who were charged with leadership responsibilities handled their assignments very well. It was a joy to watch those who were not in leadership support those who were in authority. This type of humility is the kingdom of God at its finest!

The fathers reported that the morning prayer times were of great benefit to them, as was the time set apart for them to talk with their sons about what they were learning. Even the youngest sons were able to learn from the daily teaching times. The Cape Cod ALERT Cadet camp certainly seemed to be a greatly appreciated “toolbox” opportunity for the fathers and sons.

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