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COMMIT Mother/Daughter Conference

More than sixty mothers and daughters took part in the COMMIT Conference, August 19-22, in Indianapolis. "Eternity in My Heart" was the theme and focus for the conference. Janny Moore gave a charge on the opening night to let Christ be all-consuming in their lives. Each mother and daughter was given a candle and the opportunity to come to the front and light it. By the candlelight there was a time of prayer, commitment, and singing. It was a beautiful beginning to the conference.
Each session of COMMIT was designed to motivate young ladies and their moms to choose to seek God first, to discover His desire and design for their lives, and to love Him with all their hearts. The attendees were placed on eight different teams, each team having seven to ten mothers and daughters plus a team leader. Each morning the teams met for time in God’s Word and devotional stories to set the tone for the day. After listening to various conference speakers, the teams regrouped to discuss how God was encouraging and challenging them. Many were honest about where they were and the things God was teaching them.
In the afternoons, Jenny Speed spoke only to the moms. She offered to them practical ideas for better communication with their daughters. While the mothers met with Jenny Speed, the girls enjoyed crafts and games. Throughout the conference, moms and daughters had many opportunities to talk together and share how God was working in their hearts. The beautiful weather was the perfect setting for sitting on the outdoor benches and swings to have deep and meaningful conversations.
One mother shared, “I am truly grateful for the COMMIT Conference this year! It was quite special in that it opened up an opportunity to communicate on a deeper level with my daughter. Because the speakers were addressing topics that are vital to good relationships, this made for a natural segue into our one-on-one discussions. I could tell that it took courage for my daughter to share with me, but I’m so grateful she did. I look forward to being more sensitive as I relate to my daughter and the rest of my children.”

COMMIT was not only an enjoyable time to hear dynamic speakers and meet other moms and daughters, but it was also a week that the Lord used to transform many lives and hearts. His love for us is beyond what we could ever imagine, as are His purposes for each of our lives!

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