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A Complete University Campus

We are rejoicing in God’s amazing provision of a beautiful, fully equipped, 2,200-acre university campus in eastern Texas—less than a two-hour country drive from our Dallas Training Center.

How the Property Will Be Used

By the end of September, the ALERT program should have completed a full transition from its current Michigan facility to the new campus, including flight training, emergency medical training, underwater search and recovery, auto mechanics, construction, and many other programs. We also plan to have our first group of orphans on the campus by September—a group of young boys from Russia.

Arial view of the campus

An aerial view of the campus

In October, we plan to have a conference there for mayors and school superintendents from across the United States and other countries who want to send units of their most outstanding young men to the campus to be trained for emergency work and volunteer service in their communities.

In addition to these ministries, there will be a third training program that promises to have a far-reaching impact. Whole churches will come for a weekend of special training on how to apply the seven basic factors that made first-century churches and homes so powerful.

The textbook for this training will be the newly published book, The Sevenfold Power of First-Century Churches and Homes.

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