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A Conference “Down Under”

Report from the Australia Regional Conference

Heat waves swelled over the conference grounds in Melbourne, Australia, as families gathered, some traveling as much as forty hours in the blistering 122-degree heat. In spite of vehicle trouble, financial pressures, and extra work challenges, families from all across Australia showed their priorities by coming together to attend the annual Regional Conference. They are committed not only to educating their children at home but also to living according to God’s way of life. They wanted their children to interact with Godly role models and develop Christ-centered passions for their lives. They desired to fellowship with other like-minded families as they were being spiritually fed and nourished. Were they disappointed? Not at all!

Powerful messages were given, and life-changing testimonies were shared by dynamic young people and dedicated parents. The tone for a fantastic week was set by the inspiring messages David Gibbs Jr. shared at the 2012 Regional Conferences on how God can do the impossible and how God will make a way. 

Throughout the week, different fathers shared how blessed they were to see their children joining them in ministry. One family shared how they have been ministering in one of the most wicked cities in Australia and how God has blessed and protected them while giving them a rich outreach in their community. Another shared story after story of how God had used them to reach the people of the Solomon Islands. Now God has opened a door for them to share the Gospel right in the public schools of Australia during religious education classes, giving them great favor in the community.

The doors of opportunity are opened wide for these and many other families. Why? Because they have raised their sons and daughters to be mighty in God’s Spirit, their education sprang right from the pages of Scripture, and instead of simply striving for good academics, they focused on good character, which produces good academic achievements. David and Priscilla Waller were able to share practical ideas about how their parents had educated them in this way. Through the messages and panel discussions, the families caught a vision for how it could work in their homes.

The young people had special sessions designed to encourage them to personally pursue a deeper relationship with God. They heard transparent testimonies from fellow young people, as well as a message about passionately pursuing God’s blessing and a personal relationship with God as illustrated through the life of Jacob. So much was packed into just one week, and the impact will last a lifetime. 

Dedication was demonstrated by the fathers, impassioned by the mothers, and carried out faithfully by the young people. We are so grateful for Robin and Jan Harrison, who have done an incredible job directing the work in Australia for the past nine years. Daniel and Kathryn Harrison, their son and daughter, have worked faithfully, exemplifying and promoting God’s way of life. They have directed the ATI program there for the past seven years. What a joy to see single young people passionately serving the Lord with families who have freed them to minister to other young people and families throughout that nation. 

Peter Lim is now the Director of ATI for Australia. As a father of eight children and a busy medical professional, his example of humility combined with diligent leadership is a joy to witness and an inspiration to every family. One of the blessings of this ministry is the quality of people God has raised up to participate in it.

This year we have what promises to be a life-changing regional conference scheduled in several locations throughout the United States. These conferences have been designed to benefit and strengthen the lives of every believer. 

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