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Eagle Springs Journey

Hearing God’s Voice through His Word

"I’m not hearing God’s voice. I’m reading my Bible but getting nothing out of it. What does it look like for God to speak to me?”

This was the question presented by a young lady recently attending a Journey to the Heart. From November 7 – 16, ten young ladies gathered to spend personal time with the Lord. The Journey was held at the Eagle Springs Training Center in northeastern Oklahoma. This event could be summarized as learning what it means to live with the constant awareness that we can do nothing apart from Jesus Christ. (See John 15:5.) It has to be Christ in us doing the work and changing our hearts. The girls were very open, excited to be there, and eager to learn and grow as they spent time in His Word. And the disheartened young lady who posed the question? Her leaders explained that God doesn’t tap a person on the shoulder or wave His hand in front of one’s face and say, “Listen! I’m getting ready to speak to you.” God spoke to Elijah in a still, small voice. Sometimes God uses other people to bless and encourage us in our walk with Christ. Other times when reading the Word of God, a verse may “jump off the page” at us or be applicable to where we are currently in our walk with Christ. God also speaks to us through meditation on His Word as we think on things of the Lord; however, we must first choose to take God at His Word, knowing that His Word is Truth and that He cannot lie.  The next morning that same young lady excitedly greeted one of her leaders. “Can I share with you what God spoke to me this morning while I was reading my Bible?” This was the beginning of her learning to hear God’s voice as she spent time with Jesus. Truly, she was discovering the truth of James 1:17: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”  Another significant question asked by one of the young ladies was, “What does it mean to be dead to sin and alive in Christ?” This question led her leader to share the gospel with her. God used that conversation to open her eyes to see her need for salvation. Praise the Lord that in those ten days she, along with two others, came to saving faith in Christ! During the testimony time on the last evening together, each young lady told the group about God’s power in changing her heart, a reconciled relationship, or about simply coming into deeper fellowship with her Heavenly Father. Everyone rejoiced in hearing about sins rooted out that had been hindering fellowship with Jesus. Through this time on the Journey, God’s truth had been planted deeper into their lives. Thank You, Jesus, for new and renewed hearts!

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