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The Exciting Potential of a Model Nation

Incredible Opportunities in Peru

Twenty-one young people were selected for the first visit to Peru. These team members had the joy and privilege of initiating a major change in the nation of Peru by leading young people and top leaders to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

For more than twenty years IBLP has sent ministry teams to nations around the world and God has gone before and prepared the way for each opportunity. The visit to Peru was no exception. IBLP staff members and directors were overwhelmed by the Peruvians' gracious and hospitable welcome! The Lord is opening doors and unlocking opportunities that will allow Peru to hear the truth of the Gospel and to implement Biblical principles for successful living. Peru's orphanages, prisons, health systems, and schools are filled with needy individuals who are ready for training that will transform their lives.

In the month of July, a delegation from Peru was hosted at the IBLP Headquarters, where they received special training and caught a vision for how they could make Peru a Godly nation in their respective areas of service. After the delegation returned to Peru, a team from the Institute was invited down for a short but abundantly fruitful visit.

God truly demonstrated His power as the team ministered to many young people and key leaders. Everywhere the team went, groups of people, including top government officials, asked for prayer and accepted the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Highlights of the Trip

The IBLP team was honored to make a presentation at an exclusive school, where only the top students in the nation are eligible to attend. As Dr. Gothard began the presentation with a story about succeeding in high school, the students listened eagerly and showed excitement as they learned the secret to success. After the session, the students interacted with the IBLP group and shared exciting insights. There was a bonding of friendships and an appeal for the team members to return to the school the next time they visit Peru.

The team also visited a school in Callao and was enthusiastically received by all the students there. School officials received training on how to transform the classroom by organizing teenagers into learning teams and removing age-segregated classrooms. While these teams are receiving academic education, character training, and practical skills, they can carry out service projects in their communities. The teachers were excited about applying these principles to eliminate problems in the classroom and look forward to learning additional solutions when the team from IBLP returns.

Included in the many stops the team made were visits to a shelter for homeless boys and a womens' prison. At both places the hunger for Jesus Christ was evident. The manner in which the IBLP group showed love by greeting each individual with enthusiasm opened the hearts and minds of many to the light of Jesus. After a Gospel presentation at the boys' shelter, fifty prayed out-loud to receive the Lord Jesus into their lives!

God blessed the team with huge success by opening doors in many areas of Peru. Near the end of October, several teams will make another visit to Peru. While the teams are there, they will be helping make Peru's citizens healthier, wealthier, and wiser than ever before, by teaching and encouraging them to follow proven Biblical principles.

Throughout history, God has looked for a nation that would demonstrate the wisdom and rewards of His way of life. Dr. Gothard and the Peru team believe Peru could be a nation that exhibits the blessings and rewards of following God.

How Can You Make a Difference in Peru?

Now is the time for you to have a powerful impact in the lives of the Peru team members. You can be part of this exciting opportunity! Please contact us at [email protected] to join the prayer team! We look forward to sending out regular updates on specific prayer needs.

As a result of dedicated prayer, the team experienced God's great power of blessing and unity on the first visit to Peru. Earnest and devoted prayer is essential for the success of the upcoming visit; therefore, we are depending on your prayers to impact Peru and nations around the world!

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