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Experiencing God’s Power in Prison

From across the United States, approximately 50 volunteers excitedly gathered recently to conduct the Journey to the Heart program for the incarcerated. Four correctional institutions welcomed the workers. Of the four prisons, two were adult male facilities and two were female facilities, totaling an estimated 190 inmates. This outreach and discipleship not only positively benefits the inmates, but it also impacts the correctional staff.

At one of the facilities, the warden, with both assistant wardens, and the colonel came to greet the volunteers and inmates who were participating in the Journey. They came during a video message about overcoming bitterness, and these top officials chose not to interrupt. To our amazement, they stayed and listened until it was finished.

At the end of the video message, the warden not only expressed a deep appreciation for the Journey volunteers and their service, but also continued by sharing that God had used that message to speak to wardens.

One volunteer for this most recent Prison Journey said, “Through this work God has brought me to an end of myself and to a whole new level of living ‘by the faith of the Son of God’ (Galatians 2:20). These inmates’ lives have been ravaged by the enemy. Often [for them] change or restoration looks hopeless. My own love and faith has failed them. Yet the glorious truth is that . . . as I have received Christ’s love and faith, I have seen God do the impossible.”

Please continue to pray that God’s Word will continue to go forth in this vital outreach to prisoners and to those who work with them. If you are interested in more information or supporting the Prison Journey ministry, please visit:

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