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Families Strengthened

A married couple

An encouraged couple at the 2001 ATI Training Conference in Knoxville

A father from Georgia stated, “This conference has meant more to me than even the Basic Seminar.” A mother from Virginia said, “There has been nothing in this conference that has not ministered to us.” Another father from Georgia exclaimed, “This conference was the absolute, absolute, absolute best ATIConference.” A father from Texas said, “I’ve picked up more this year at [the] Knoxville [Conference] than all the previous years put together.”

These are a few of the unsolicited testimonials that indicate the significance of what happened among those that attended the Eighteenth Annual International Training Conference of the Advanced Training Institute International (ATI), a home education program of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. Over 12,000 people came to the conference that was held June 5–8, 2001, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dr. Bruce Wilkinson

Dr. Bruce Wilkinson

The keynote speakers for the conference included Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, author of the best-selling book, The Prayer of Jabez, and founder and president of Walk Thru the Bible; Roger Magnuson, distinguished attorney, pastor, and dean of Oak Brook College of Law; Rev. Keith Daniel, evangelist in South Africa; and Bill Gothard, founder and president of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. An additional 40 speakers gave training at break-out sessions.

Rev. Keith Daniel

Rev. Keith Daniel

The power of the Biblical answers shared at the conference was evidenced in the responses from attendees. A father from Alabama shared, “This year at Knoxville our family was greatly encouraged, but I think my wife and I were blessed the most. The teaching that was presented spoke directly to our hearts, and we have committed that we will cry out to the Lord for all of the challenges that we face.” Another man gave testimony of how a 28-year addiction to pornography was conquered as the Lord used the training given on “The Seven Deadly Marriage Deceptions” to bring change in his heart.

For those living on the West Coast, there will be an ATI conference held in Sacramento, California, July 2–6, 2001. For more information about the Advanced Training Institute International, visit their Web site, or call 630-323-2842.

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