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"Walking in the Light"

Family Conferences bring a host of memories to the minds of families who have benefited from the rich fellowship, powerful messages, and hands-on experiences. 

This year will be no exception! Inspiring speakers will give practical teaching from God’s Word. Action-packed activities will be used to illustrate life lessons that young people and children will remember long afterwards. Special break-out sessions will be held to encourage fathers to be the spiritual leaders of their homes, while other workshops will be available that are designed to support mothers seeking to fulfill their callings. There will be special break-out sessions for pastors, single parents, and young couples, too.  This year a new opportunity is scheduled for Saturday to glean from experienced homeschoolers: a special morning of sessions solely on the topic of home education. 

The theme for the 2016 Family Conferences is “Walking in the Light.” God’s Word abounds with teaching on light! In the beginning God said, “Let there be light.” There could not be a greater contrast than between light and darkness. In our present culture there is a definite agenda to reject the light and silence those who bring the message of light. Jesus emphasized the urgency of His mission by stating, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” (John 8:12). As His followers, we are described as “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). 

Sharing on the theme of “Walking in the Light” is a great line up of speakers including Gil and Kelly Bates, Dr. Jobe Martin, and Dr. S. M. Davis. Some new speakers this year include Darren Myers, founder of Freedom Focus - a ministry he and his family have traveling the country to help make personal and political freedom come alive. Another “new” speaker is Evangelist Don Savell who has been mightily used of the Lord for nearly a half century to bring the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to people throughout the country. Don’s love for the Lord and His Word is evident, and you will truly enjoy his classic series entitled “Watching the Weather.” Shelley Hendry is also a new conference speaker this year. Shelly’s dramatic monologue presentations of great Christians will have you feeling like you are walking with these wise men and women of history.

Along with the Family Conferences in Big Sandy and Sacramento, there are two new locations this year! The Georgia Baptist Conference Center is the site for the Family Conference May 17-20. Located 90 miles northeast of Atlanta, the area is known for its year-round temperate climate and historical and geographical sites. Come be spiritually refreshed at the Family Conference in beautiful Toccoa, Georgia! Perhaps later in the summer is better for you? Within 90 miles of many major Wisconsin cities (Madison, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, Oshkosh, etc.), the Green Lake Conference Center will be welcoming Family Conference attendees August 30-September 2. In the southeastern part of the state, the Conference Center is located on 900 acres beside beautiful Green Lake. Come and enjoy spiritual refreshment in an ideal setting for reflection, recharging, and recreation! This year, the conference promises to bless and encourage you as a family as you gather around the word of God. Come and bring your family and friends to experience a deeper relationship with the Lord and enjoy rich fellowship with others who are committed to “Walking in the Light". To register please visit us at:



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