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A Journey to the Heart Report

Fifteen young men and two fathers gathered June 15–22 at the Northwoods Conference Center. The purpose of a Journey to the Heart, is a time set-aside from busy schedules for focusing on the Lord and learning to seek Him. While each Journey has several things in common, the Lord works in unique ways every time. 

On this Journey, the topic of our victory in Christ became a recurring theme. The men heard about the reality that our victory has already been attained and our foe is defeated. They talked about the truth that the Christian life can only be lived successfully as we allow Christ to live in and through us. Several attendees expressed they were beginning to understand this important, life-changing concept. One young man shared that, before coming on the Journey, he had doubts about Christianity and did not understand what it meant to live the Christian life. The truth of Christ living through us was especially meaningful to him.

During the Journey, the participants discussed the importance of dealing with the hidden sins in our lives. After viewing a message about being open and broken regarding our sin, the men gathered for a time of sharing, confession, and prayer. A spirit of revival filled the room as many wept in brokenness over their sin. This powerful time of prayer was a turning point for many of the young men.

God delights in answering the prayers of His people, and He demonstrated that on this Journey. One special aspect about the Northwoods Conference Center is the opportunity to experience God’s creation up close. Some of the guys had expressed a desire to see a bear, and one young man had specifically prayed that he would see one during the Journey. The next morning during brunch, someone spotted a bear! The attendees dashed to the window and happily watched as the bear tromped across the lawn before disappearing back into the woods. The Lord takes pleasure in granting even our smallest requests because of His great love for us.

Three more Journeys are scheduled for this year. A Moms’ Journey will be held in conjunction with the Young Ladies’ Journey, taking place at the Northwoods July 13–21. A Family Journey is scheduled for September 21–29, also at the Northwoods. For more information about these events, please visit

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