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He is Risen!

An Easter greeting from David and Priscilla Waller

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Easter is a special time of year. Trees bud, grass turns green, flowers blossom, and new life is plentiful. For those who follow Christ, this season is especially meaningful because we celebrate the eternal life we have in Christ.

In this ATI Family Weekly, you are invited to join me and Priscilla as we prepare a special Easter treat with our three young children. As we do each step, we will walk through the story of Jesus’ arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection. Perhaps you can use this illustration with your family to remember the meaning of this special season.

We pray that you will be encouraged in your relationship with Christ as you remember His love and sacrifice for you.

In Christ,
David Waller


Nikki Escobar

Awesome y’all! Thanks for posting!!!

Callie Taylor

I just watched this and can’t wait to make these with my son. It’s been several weeks since Easter, but I’m doing it anyway. Teaching about the death and resurrection of our Savior knows no season! Thank you for the inspiration! May God continue to bless your ministry and your family.

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