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Incredible Healing from a Heart Transformation

Kristina experienced a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation, suffered from fibromyalgia for more than 15 years, and also experienced anxiety attacks, arthritis, and depression. The doctors had put her on more than twenty different drugs for a twelve-year span. Then she discovered the answers to her diseases.

Her Account

As a child I never learned how to deal with stress, so I entered into adulthood carrying the baggage of unforgiveness, envy, anger, and fear. I didn’t even realize it. On the outside, I appeared to have it all together, but I remembered every rude comment anyone ever said to me.

I kept a silent tally sheet in my head of the times I had been wronged and I seldom forgave anyone. I consistently wrote people off who offended me.

My heart was full of frustration and anger, which left no room for peace. I really thought I was humble, but in reality pride was my biggest problem. I thought since I was nice to other people I deserved to be treated the same way in return. I had been harboring lots of poison inside me for so long that I didn’t even realize it was affecting everyone around me and beginning to take an enormous toll on my health.

My husband and I were married in 1989, two days after my nineteenth birthday. It was on our honeymoon that I came down with mononucleosis and suffered with it for 9 months. A few years later, in my early 20’s, I began having arthritis pain to the point where it was a struggle to walk when I woke up every morning.

I couldn’t sleep at night without drugs because of the pain and exhaustion. There were days I couldn’t even get out of bed. After months of suffering and doctors’ visits, they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, which is like arthritis of the muscles.

Doctors told me I was depressed and put me on antidepressants, sleeping pills, and pain medicine, which only masked the problem. I suffered with fibromyalgia for over 14 years. The root of the problem was never dealt with, only covered up with medication. I began taking vitamins, which helped to a point but never completely resolved my problem.

In the spring of 2001 I began suffering with anxiety, so my doctor put me on more medication. In 2002, at the age of 31, I had what registered as a heart attack on the EKG and was put under the care of a cardiologist and given heart medications. In 2005 I began to have severe tremors. After MRIs, CAT scans, and doctor visits, I was told that I could possibly have the early onset of Parkinson’s disease and was put on a light dose of tremor medicine.

I cried myself to sleep at night because I was concerned about how much my family and I would have to suffer in the years to come. After my diagnosis, I attempted to go off the medicine many times, but the shaking was so bad that I’d only last a few hours before needing to take a little larger dose.

One of the most terrifying events in my life occurred February of 2007 at the age of 36. I awoke one morning to my heart racing 200 beats per minute and I was having difficulty breathing. My husband rushed me to the ER, where doctors and nurses swarmed around me and administered drugs to slow down my heart rate. It took 9 hours for the doctors to get my heart calmed down.

The doctors told me that I’d been born with extra electrical trands in my heart and diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation. My cardiologist put me on more heart medications to keep my heart slowed down and in proper rhythm. I had been on heart medication for years, but even with the medication, I’ve had many palpitations and close calls.

Ten Years of Depression

Along with all these physical struggles, I also suffered with depression and anxiety off and on for about 10 years. I felt overwhelmed and anxious and even got to the point where I believed the doctors, who were telling me the only thing that could help me was antidepressants. I would go on one medication for a while and then it would no longer work so they would try another medication. I must have been on more than 10 different antidepressants, which never seemed to cure the problem.

Doctors had put me on more than 20 different drugs over a 12-year span to try to treat depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety, pain, tremors, and heart problems.

Searching for Deeper Answers

Over the years my husband lovingly asked me if some of my health problems could be caused by unconfessed sin or from my reactions to stress. Of course I was quite offended at this suggestion.

I had graduated from a Bible College but came to the point where I rarely even carried my Bible with me to church. I was a bitter, unforgiving, and unsubmissive wife who thought that everything was my husband’s fault. I was such an envious person that it deeply pained me when other people were recognized for achievements that I believe I should have been acknowledged for instead.

In the spring of 2009 our pastor began preaching on the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. The Holy Spirit began convicting me of areas that I needed to change in my life, and I actually began to listen. As I read the verses in Matthew 5 my eyes began to open to the fact that I was not poor in spirit or meek but rather very proud. I didn’t really hunger and thirst for God’s Word and righteousness. I couldn’t deny the fact that I did not have any inner peace and joy, which had been missing for years.

At the same time our pastor was preaching on the Sermon on the Mount, my husband and I attended the Nashville Regional Conference, where my husband convinced me that we needed to purchase the book, How to Resolve Seven Deadly Stresses. Honestly, I didn’t think that the book would apply to me at all, but after all the preaching in the Conference sessions my heart must have been softened. This book is totally based on God’s Word and Jesus’ teachings from the Sermon on the Mount.

I didn’t think it would hurt for me to skim over some of the information so that I could honestly say that none of it applied to me. As I read, I learned how a person’s thoughts, attitudes, and actions are directly affected by the belief system of our hearts.

I began to see how God created our body, soul, and spirit to all be connected. I began to realize that it has been medically proven that unconfessed sin and dealing with stresses in our lives in the wrong way can have a direct effect on our health.

Seven Deadly Stresses

I have to admit that at first I was very skeptical about the claim that some health problems could be caused by dealing with stress unbiblically. I began learning about the seven deadly stresses, which were taught in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount: anger, guilt, lust, bitterness, greed, fear, and envy.

After soaking in a few chapters of the book, the truths of God’s Word began piercing my heart. I realized that my heart problems could possibly be related to my silent anger issues and that my fibromyalgia could be because I struggled with horrible envy. My tremors could be caused by the tremendous load of guilt I carried for never dealing with conflicts and sin in my life the way that God intended me to. The depression I had experienced could possibly be caused by all of my unresolved issues that were stealing my joy and peace.

I was finally faced with the reality that I was a really “messed up” beggar that had no business thinking so highly of myself! I realized all of the areas in which I needed to make changes in my life and got down on my knees and was broken before the holy God of the universe. First John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

The Importance of Humility

I had been saved since the age of four, grown up in church, but I came under the realization that I rarely humbled myself to ask for forgiveness from anyone. I was so wrapped up in myself and concentrated on protection and distancing myself from people who might hurt me. I believed so many of the Devil’s lies!

After humbling myself and asking God to forgive me for the things I needed to take care of, I then went to others in my life that I had issues with or that I may have offended.

I forgave my offenders even if they’d never asked for forgiveness. I asked my children to forgive me for all the times I was not the Godly example I should’ve been. My husband and I had been married for 20 years at the time, and I had not been the wife that God wanted me to be. I was strongwilled, stubborn, selfish, prideful, and unforgiving.

Satan’s lies had told me that I was the “humble” one and that my husband was the person who was full of pride. I know without a doubt that our marriage probably wouldn’t have made it another 20 years because of my poisonous bitterness.

The next day, after confessing my sin to God and asking forgiveness from my husband and my family, I realized that I had not had any more tremors or taken any tremor medicine. This is the medication that I had not been able to live without!

The tremendous guilt I was bearing from all of my wrong thoughts, attitudes, and actions over the years had taken a toll on my body and I believe that in my case, that was what had caused my tremors.

I also know without a doubt that the guilt I was carrying from rarely confessing sin was causing my depression and anxiety. The heavy weight of guilt I had from knowingly disobeying God caused the chemicals in my brain to be depleted, and that’s why I was depressed.

Incredible Healing

In amazement I also realized that I had gone for days with no pain or exhaustion and I was able to sleep all night with no drugs. I know that because I struggled with envy, it was affecting my musculoskeletal system and causing my fibromyalgia.

I also had no desire to play over in my mind the scenes of the past where someone had hurt my feelings. I forgave others, and being forgiven by God and others allowed me to be freed from the prison I was locked in for decades! I threw out the poisonous baggage that was deterring me from carrying out God’s full plan for my life.

The Heart Connection

Although I no longer needed most of the medicine I had been taking, I continued taking my heart medications (even though the palpitations were fewer). I wanted to discern if my heart problems were due to unresolved conflicts in my life. I realized that whenever I’d get hurt or angry about something that someone else said or did to me, my heart would go out of rhythm.

God also convicted me of my unbiblical response to a very painful event that had taken place two years earlier just before I was admitted to the Critical Care Unit. I harbored bitterness over a situation in which someone had clearly wronged me.

All of the inner anger I felt during that situation was what had caused my heart arrhythmia and threatened my life. A few weeks later I realized I wasn’t having any palpitations, so I went off my heart medication. The ironic thing is that during my last appointment with my cardiologist before I confessed my sin, we were discussing risky heart surgery to fix my atrial fibrillation. Now, on a very rare occasion if I feel palpitations coming on, I know in my case God is showing me that I need to deal with my anger Biblically and confess it.

Years of Freedom

It’s been over 4 years since I’ve taken any medications or suffered any of those medical issues. I have an unsurpassed peace and joy in the Lord!

The very real pain and exhaustion from the fibromyalgia, that I had suffered with for over 14 years, is gone! The tremors I suffered with for 4 years were real, and now are gone! The heart arrhythmia and palpitations I had suffered with for most of my adult life are gone! I no longer am plagued by depression, and my heart is overflowing with the joy of the Lord.

God Transformed My Heart

I didn’t actually pray to God for healing; I prayed for forgiveness of my bitterness, envy, and anger, and God transformed my heart and absolutely radically altered my life!!!


Teresa Taljaard

I live in south Africa and started with heart palpitations and skipped heart beats many years ago. Suddenly before Christmas, I had severe irregular heart beat, fast and skipped heartbeats that felt like a fish flip flopping. I literally had one heart beat one flip flop and was admitted to CCU. Just before Christmas I was discharged and my heart is still doing that flip flop every time I bend down or walk stairs or reach out with my left arm for something. I was put on beta blocker which also slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure as my bp was high. I prayed today for God to forgive my sins and also confessed that I had forgiveness and that I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me in any way. I prayed that I be cleansed by Jesus' blood and for healing of my heart and some phlegm on my chest which causes constant throat clearing.
As I am sitting here typing my heart is skipping beats. Please also pray for my full healing as I am also seeing my cardiologist tomorrow for a follow up discharge appointment. I just so want to be able to live a quality life!


Thank you for posting this. I need it this right at these very moment.

Michelle Horn

Hi Teresa
I will be praying for you just keep saying by Jesus Stripes you are healed and do as the Holy Spirit Leads,He is the healer and He wants you healed.

God Bless

Deborah Patalonis

I am 64 but have suffered with PVC’s since my 20’s. Recently I went to the ER for a rapid heartbeat and my blood pressure was elevated. It is very scary and cannot schedule appt with new PCP due to Corona virus. My rapid heartbeat is happening more often. I know I have fear that I will die in an episode. I know this is not God but struggle.
I remember when my PVC’s started. I was in an abuse marriage when I was young and my husband was trying to choke me with a telephone cord. I thought I had forgiven him but I know there is something deeper. I believe it is fear and abandonment. I believe in the word of a God for healing. I am just unsure as to what a God is doing. Was going to purchase book on 7 Deadly Stresses.


The book on 7 Deadly Stresses can be found at this link: Please contact our store for more information or to order over the phone. Thanks!


Hi just read your blog with interest I have fibromyalgia and a heart problem and high blood pressure. I have searched my heart and have already forgiven everyone who wronged me. I don’t have a proud spirit don’t blame anyone for my illness. I believe God wants me well even though the illness has deteriorated I am a chaplain in a church and often pray with people for healing of physical and emotional healing. I don’t know why healing is taking so long I wondered if there might be something else blocking it. Love and blessings.


Hi, I have been out of all my unforgiveness and bitterness and envy and everything my mind is so empty without thinking of any thoughts and it is so clear but one thing is that whenever I interact with people I'm getting struggle in speaking with out fear my heart beats so fast if I wanted to speak before people but I can get nice thoughts inside my heart but when the time comes my mind blocks out please help me ..

We praise the Lord that He is setting you free! One important principle in Scripture is that, when you remove something in your life, you must replace it with something new (Luke 11:24–26). Romans 12 tells us to “be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Romans 12:2). Now that you are no longer thinking negative thoughts, it is important that you fill your mind with Scripture. This article on Scripture meditation has many insights and testimonies that you may find helpful. This article discusses how to meditate on Scripture.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to seek Him!

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