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Indianapolis City Council Expresses Support

Indianapolis City Council

Indianapolis City Council

On Monday, April 14, 2003, the Indianapolis City Council passed a resolution expressing regret to the management and staff of the Indianapolis Training Center (ITC) for any embarrassment and financial loss resulting from the false allegations against it.

The Council acknowledged the good work that the staff members of the training center have done for Marion County juveniles at no cost to the taxpayers. The resolution also encourages officials to again consider referring troubled juveniles to the training center.

In May 2002, the Indiana Department of Social Services cleared the ITC of all allegations, saying that the charges were false, unsubstantiated, and unfounded. Staff members at the ITC continue to be willing and able to work with families and troubled youth by helping them understand basic Biblical principles of life that are beneficial in resolving personal and interpersonal conflicts.

The Indianapolis Training Center, formerly a Stouffer Hotel, was purchased by the Institute in November of 1992. Former Mayor Stephen Goldsmith invited the Institute to come and work with troubled youth in the city of Indianapolis.

Since opening, the ITC has worked with juvenile offenders from across the United States and has also provided training to thousands of young people and parents in counseling, music, culinary arts, and many other specialized courses.

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