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International ALERT Academy Family Camp 2016

Family Camp is one of the outreaches of the ALERT Academy, a ministry with the vision of “forging extraordinary men who influence their world for Christ.” It is a time for the ALERT students and staff to serve and encourage families around the nation, giving them a memorable, action-packed vacation and the opportunity to fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
The 17th annual Family Camp was held October 8–14 in Big Sandy, TX, where the students and staff of the ALERT Academy welcomed over 1000 guests and volunteers (including 300 first timers!) to enjoy an exciting week full of activities, events, and encouraging messages. Camp focused around the theme, “Now is the Time!” We are living in such a critical time in history it is important that we are aware and encouraged of our responsibilities as Christians. Challenging messages were given by Dr. Lew Sterrett, Darren Myers, Mike Schadt, and Rick Green, calling us to action, reminding Christians of their duties as followers of Christ and to stand for righteousness.  “We are so encouraged by the Family Camp atmosphere where children and families are valued. The speakers encourage us so much in our walk with the Lord and provide much needed encouragement. The fellowship is the sweetest that you will find anywhere.”

“[Family Camp] allowed us to spend quality time with each other and close friends and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

“Family Camp is a wonderful time to connect with other families who share the same values. We are always sad to leave when it's over but refreshed by the time spent together with you all.” 

It is exciting to see Family Campers smiling, laughing, and enjoying this week of fellowship and adventure. Families were challenged, blessed, and inspired that “Now IS the Time” to let our light shine for the cross of Jesus Christ. Are you ready for a family vacation that is spiritually uplifting? Family Camp 2017 is scheduled for October 14–20. We hope you will be able to join us for a time of encouragement, fellowship, and unforgettable memories! For more information about the International ALERT Academy or Family Camp, please visit or call us at 903-636-2000.

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