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Christina Kireeva

Christina Kireeva

“I never wanted to be a follower of Christ or come to America,” remarked Christina Kireeva during a recent conversation at the Institute’s Indianapolis Training Center. Yet, here sat the smiling 15-year-old Russian, halfway around the world from her birthplace in Dydenka, Siberia.

When she was one year old, a baby brother was born into this troubled family. Shortly after this, the family fell apart in divorce. She has no memory of her father, who now lives in the Ukraine. When Christina was in the third grade, her mother moved the family to southern Siberia to enjoy a village life of farming, animals, and friends.

This world of pleasant peace began to unravel as Christina entered her teen years and her mother remarried. Unexpectedly, on New Year’s Day, 1999, Christina’s stepfather, inflamed by drunkenness, flew into a rage and murdered her mother. Christina, also filled with anger, told him she wanted to kill him. She could not understand why a loving God would separate her from her parents.

Eventually, Christina went to live with her aunt in Moscow. By now, she was following the wrong crowd, given to worldly pleasures, and angry with God. Her aunt met with Galina Venedictova, Director of the Moscow College and orphanage. When Christina saw the atmosphere of love, good character, and cooperation, she decided to enroll. She experienced many struggles with God during the first few years.

This past summer, Galina invited Christina to come to the Indianapolis Training Center. Reluctantly, she accepted the offer, not realizing the amazing miracle of transformation that lay ahead.

At first, there were battles with resistance and depression because she was missing some of her worldly friends. But slowly the love of the students and staff began to soften her heart. God placed a burden for Christina on the hearts of the Gergeni, Parker, and Morgan families. Through their attention and prayers, her interest in God and life at the training center grew dramatically.

Christina in the International School of Cosmetology and Protocol

Christina in the International School of Cosmetology and Protocol

For many years, Christina had a growing interest in cosmetology. Therefore, it was a joy for her to enroll in the International School of Cosmetology and Protocol, located at the training center. As school began, changes in her life were also taking place.

The witness of the Holy Spirit and testimony of those around her began to bring conviction to her conscience. In responding to the loving call of God, her whole life has changed. “Now I want to give my life to God, to love and serve Him.”

Today she has a glowing, happy countenance that is evidence of the inner change taking place in this Siberian-born student. Recently, in a letter to her stepfather, she expressed a complete change in offering him her full forgiveness for the tragic events of three years ago.

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